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    Compression post on a Pearson35

    I did not understand , Yes you need a new post. Just be sure the deck above is solid . you may have to do resin injection to firm up the area. than do new non skid paint to cover. I have do to injection on my Morgan around a leakey deck track. the deck squeaks still. i did all new bolts...
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    Compression post on a Pearson35

    First remove the mast . Assess how much corrosion is at the spar bottom ! cut the bad part off.Yes CUT IT OFF THE MAST ! now get hard wood blocks Ipe is good , Brazil mahogany Make a block the size al little shorter than what you cut off. Now glass that to the bilge where the mast used to...
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    WP dinghy?

    Ahoy there LeGe , hail from Long Beach Island where i learned to sail as a kid I was last there in 1978 now in Tarpon Springs Fla west coast Sailing a Morgan 384. A Bahamas cruise is planned for April , have to see the swimming pigs in the Exumas ! two months or so is the plan taking the cat...
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    Siren 17 needs Anchor lift

    I had a siren 17 for years and enjoyed the boat very much ! Lee / fla
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    Battery Buyers = Good News

    of course there is a return charge..! Even in florida I used to be from Long beach island... small world.. !
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    Battery Buyers = Good News

    Sail away ! I have met Bob Sidleman when he was a sailmaker in Cherry Hill New Jersey than started building boats. St nick
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    Bridge clearances in Florida

    i have seen a site that lists all the bridges and there heights ! Any one know of such a site ?
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    Bridge clearances in Florida

    I'm trying to plan a cruise but i need to know bridge clearances just in case. I'm 52 feet above the water Morgan 384. Going south , from Clearwater Fl
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    Looking for a photo hunter of port in black plastic

    i have seen a Hunter with euro style black plastic and black windows mounted in that space ! Can any one tell me what model or year? Lee Nicholas tarpon Springs fl
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    Bridge tender story

    Yesterday we were moving a Morgan 38 from the boat yard out for bottom paint to Dunedin Fl . When we approached the inter coastal draw bridge we noticed other sailboats waiting. We tried to hail the bridge and there was no answer We were on ch 9 . ! moved to 16 hailed the local Tow Boat US we...
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    Yet another wiring diagram. Sorry.

    I would up grade the batteries Me I like larger alternators and larger batteries like type 31 AGM (3) I have 2 solar panels on my Morgan 384 . Now im in Fla so the ac runs a lot . Oh i have refrigeration and ac .
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    Larger cockpit

    Six or more people in your cockpit ! And still have the sails up ? You need less friends ! I have no idea how you still tack and crank winches , with all those people. I have a Morgan 384 and more than another couple in the cockpit are not welcome. Others are topside on the cabin roof or...
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    Solar panel

    there are 2 kinds of charge controllers. One charges the batteries all the time, and over charges them if not turnened off the other the more $$ turns off the charge when the batteries are charged.. I have a buddy with the cheeper charge controller and he ended up purchasing a new battery in...
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    Quickie wax or do nothing - short on time

    HONEST i use ISLAND GIRL PRODUCTS on my Morgan 384 I'm in Clearwater FLA . its clear no buffing lasts a year ( beads water) no buffing all clear liquid. no buffers at all. See their web site "Island " . Its not cheep but i can tell you from real this stuff works. The owner is...
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    Florida Keys Passageway From East to West Coast

    I have a Morgan 384 draft 5 with cruising stores 5'6" I'm in Tampa going to the Bahamas leaving from marathon. Thats the plan hope with in a year..mast 55 ' off the water