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    Fin or wing?

    On the Capri 18 with the standard "fin keel", the draft is 2'. I would consider it a shoal keel. My Capri 22 with the fin keel has a 4' draft. I owned a Capri 18 for about 5 years before I purchased the 22. The sailing experience is significantly better on the 22. Maybe I never had the 18...
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    Adding deck connector for mast wiring

    To add mast lights on my Capri 22 Mk1 I'm planning to drill a hole approximately at the red line, angled in order to miss the hatch hinge; the wire will be routed down through the support post. Does the thick mast support area contain only wood and fiberglass, or should I expect to drill...
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    Asymmetrical tack

    I do not race the asymmetric and I aim to yank the sail in long before it could compromise the pulpit. The tack is attached to a swivel block at the bow/forestay. It is the simplest setup and is a good place to start. The block and tack line also serve as a downhaul for the jib, useful to...
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    USB Port: Which, and Where to Install?

    There is a good place inside where the finished fiberglass ends just past the bulkhead. If you can find a socket that attaches from the bottom you'll only need to drill 2 screw holes in an out of the way place. It is kind of hidden in this location but it is convenient both to the power panel...
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    Trade Symmetrical Spinner for Asym

    The Capri 22 class rules allow only symmetrical, though I could probably get an accommodation. Our races are all windward-leeward, and a poled out spinnaker seems to work best. There are probably a lot of symmetrical sails lying in Capri 22's that will never be used, and the asymmetric may...
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    Trade Symmetrical Spinner for Asym

    Hi Capri 22 Owners - Does anyone have a symmetrical spinnaker they'd like to trade for an asymmetrical? In exchange for helping with a boat, the owner gave me what he thought was a symmetrical but it turned out not to be. It is red with a centered black square, in good shape. I already have...
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    Replacement traveler end cap, '85 CP-22

    I made a couple using some scrap Ipe wood - definitely an improvement over the original plastic.
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    Replacement traveler end cap, '85 CP-22

    The port side end cap that secures the line on my traveler broke beyond repair, the starboard side is shown below. Anyone know where I can get a replacement, or have ideas on how to fashion one? I may try to make a pair out of hardwood if I can't find the part. I'm not interested in spending...
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    Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

    @Windy City - where are your sails listed? It may help if you provide a link to them. If that is illegal here please PM me with a link.
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    Capri 22 110 Jib?

    @Windy City - how does the "deck sweeper" perform? Are you able to hold a tight heading with it or does it tend to bear off? @HERSH - the sheet-to-winch rig is well suited for sails posing for a photo.
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    Single handing the boat without roller furling

    I sail single handed often, my boat has hank on 110, 135, 155 sails. I love the simple elegance of the hank-on sails, and how the sails are weighted and cut properly for their size. But they are anything but convenient. For that you can't beat roller furling. Folding my headsails takes...
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    Best Auto-pilot for the Capri 22

    Many of us are living proof that an auto-pilot is not necessary for single handed sailing, even launching and retrieving a spinnaker. But it totally depends on conditions. Stronger winds, variable wind direction, limited leeway, necessity to maintain a heading all increase the value of an...
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    Setting up for easy single handed sailing

    A new Capri 22 probably does not have a rotating boom, so you probably won't have the issue Delling3 noted. But if your boom rotates, Catalina Direct sells a custom boom kicker designed to accommodate the rotation. You may want to call Catalina Direct, they usually give good advice.
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    Boom Secure to Backstay Catalina Capri 22

    oops, duplicate post
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    Boom Secure to Backstay Catalina Capri 22

    It is not the most elegant solution but a stainless screw does the job. A Clevis pin would be better.