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    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Will, so sorry for your loss. It looks like your dad really knew how to "live his dash". Quoted from one of many poems about "the dash" "So when your eulogy is being read, with your life’s actions to rehash, would you be proud of the things they say about how you lived your dash?"
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    New to me needs some work (advice)

    Agreed - I was making a general observation, mostly related to the OP comment on sealing and not intending to take it out of the water on the hard until this fall, thus above the waterline. 5200 can be removed with some leverage and sometimes with a special solvent. Just don't use it on things...
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    New to me needs some work (advice)

    @JUUD Notice you said you'd be sealing everything. As most will tell you, silicone is not the best sealant for a boat and by and large you want to avoid silicone when you can. Many will say a No-No since once you put on silicone it is nearly impossible to remove and use something else making...
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    Lost Prop Beneteau 473

    OP said it uses a "castle" bolt. I have seen the tab arrangement for locking but that is not referred to as a castle nut. I was simply responding to the OP's statement that it uses a castle bolt (I assumed he meant a castle nut). The tabbed washer serves the same purpose as the cotter pin...
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    Lost Prop Beneteau 473

    The whole purpose of a castle nut is to allow a cotter pin to secure the nut. I know of no installation of a castle nut that does not also call for a cotter pin. If its just another or second nut that is generally just referred to as a "stop nut."
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    Lost Prop Beneteau 473

    Some props ahve zincs, for instance the MAXPROP. If it is a MAXPROP I can't for the life of me see how installing or removing a zinc on a one of those could possibly lead to the loss of the prop. The zinc on a MAXPROP screws into the hub and there is no need to mess with the shaft prop nut...
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    Charging a NORCOLD SCQT 6406 with refrigerant

    I actually have a 30 lb cannister of Pure virgin R-12 with about 24 lbs left it that I purchased many years ago. If your fittings accepted the R-134 fittings without any modification then I think its probably a sure bet that the PO converted from R-12 to R134a at some point. How good a job...
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    Low rpm on full throttle.

    It could also be fouling on the prop or something wrapped around the shaft
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    Charging a NORCOLD SCQT 6406 with refrigerant

    Not sure I undersand what you did here. Did you use the fittings that were already installed or put some kind of conversion fitting to put in the R-134? It is my experience that the charge connection fittings for R-12 are different than the fittings for R-134. Are you sure the PO didn't do a...
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    wind indicators/depth/speed suggestions?

    Had to chuckle at how old this makes me feel. "whats a cassette tape?" No dig on you @danooxnard it is just a reflection of how much has changed and how old I am. It is an ancient sound/recording device that was the "cat's meow" back in the 1960's. If you had one in your car (or an 8-trac...
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    Invest 99L --> TD 9 --> TS Ida --> Hurricane Ida

    @JamesG161 I know you are probably busy getting ready for this storm so no need to respond. Just hoping that now you are back in the water (I think that is the case) everything works out favorably in riding this one out better. Be safe.
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    If you are on a mooring, remove your anchor. May also be prudent if you in a slip
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    Invest 99L --> TD 9 --> TS Ida --> Hurricane Ida

    BOHICA Gulf Coast! Thanks Jim for the update and those in the path, be prepared and our thoughts and prayers are with you if the Gulf heat builds this into a big storm.
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    Raw water cooling system question

    All boats "flex" to some extent. Some more than others. I can't imagine a solid pipe between the thru hull and the engine.:yikes: That seems like a recipe for disaster as flexing could easily cause the thru hull seal or the thru hull or the connection at the water pump to fail. I'd change...
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    Rookies first outing, hunter 260

    I don't know anything about the Ottawa River. but if it has even moderate currents I'd opt for the lake and start my "beginner" un-instructed learning in only light to moderate winds with life jackets on and some sort of propulsion available if things go south. Getting a sailboat to move is...