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  • I have fully purchased the boat. This weekend cleaning her up she is currently on a cradle, was going to polish her but the electricity has been turned off since water is over the dock. Next Saturday I am going out on Aylamar with the previous owner and get to know her a little more if weather permits if it storms still putting her in the water for sure.
    I am a heavy person getting close or maybe over 300lbs The 2 steps on the boat are in good condition and I don' t want to break them with my weight. Besides losing weight, I was thinking of stainless steel L Brackets and attached 4 on each step underneath for more support or does anyone have any better or suggestions? Looking for something that could handle 400lbs Load Capacity.
    I am from California lived on several boats in the SF Bay Area from the early 1970s to 1984 with my parents and siblings. I moved to Michigan and I placed my down payment on her and she will completely be mine on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Looking forward to many adventures with Aylamar with my wife and family.
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