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    Replacement traveler end cap, '85 CP-22

    Buy some Delrin or Starboard and shape a new one.... shouldn’t be too difficult....
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    Best Auto-pilot for the Capri 22

    Which version are you referring to?
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    Building a gimbaled stove holder for my CP-22 (COMPLETED)

    Yes before end of season. Works like a charme....
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    New Owner - Engine Size?

    Tohatsu 5HP LPG engine. Plenty of power even in nasty weather....
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    2019 Season Launch Prep

    No all is well. No leaks or stress cracks in the hull... Happened on the last race (pre-start) hit a rock at relatively low speed...
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    2019 Season Launch Prep

    Epoxied the Transducer yesterday. Added a small bead of 3M4000 around the top of the rubrail where it touches the hull. Still need to add some on the bottom of rubrail. Started to fix keel... After sanding: TotalBoat 2 part fairing compound: First coat: Second coat after some sanding...
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    Transducer installation

    3M 5200 works?
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    Adjustable genoa/jib car

    My latest upgrade. Slowly getting her ready....
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    Transducer installation

    Used plumbers putty so far to put the transducer in the forward lazarette in the cabin but it gets loose over time. Epoxy any good? Thoughts....?
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    Control line purchase

    I replaced my internal factory outhaul to a 8:1 purchase as I was never able to adjust the main under load.... Left the line where it exits the boom (safer to reroute to mast but not best option if you single hand on a small boat where any weight shift effects the course...).
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    Installing a Jib Roller Furler

    Moved the thread to the right sub forum...
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    Does the bow ride high

    I moved some of the heavier stuff (2 anchors and rope and chain) to the forward lockers to counteract all the weight at the back with the outboard and me and crew.
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    Capri 22 - hull numbers

    Good for you!
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    Proper sail for each wind speed

    You can also use a tacker that provides for an attachment point around the furled jib. If you have a hank on jib you could use a tack extension (forgot the correct term) to provide a high enough attachment point....
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    Proper sail for each wind speed

    Absolutely..... if you single hand a must in my opinion. Did that on my CP22 for both a asym and code zero/drifter sail....