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    Cruising Posts to Resume

    jibes 138 - - - - // - - - - Jibes 138, I am disappointed that you did not mention the maritime museum in Beaufort? Roger has sailed past too many times. He may want to trade in his frozen snot boat for a wooden boat? Ed K
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    What kind of Stainless is my Stern Pulpit made of?

    Dave said Dave said, "The sad thing is someone is going to read this thread looking for good information about the way Oday rails are constructed and be more confused than before they clicked on it." Dave, If you spoon feed the answers, then they may miss questions or facts about...
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    What kind of Stainless is my Stern Pulpit made of?

    Centerline & Joe ------------------ // --------------------- Joe said, "The guy who adapted my stern rail and make up my mast crutch to fit it would have told me." Come on Joe, you were happy, why should he burst your bubble. And, did you ask? As to Centerline why have discussion...
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    What kind of Stainless is my Stern Pulpit made of?

    Polished stainless steel - - - - // - - - - So the next question is 'which stainless steel'. Your Morgan 24 is to me a different base quality than any O'Day. That is not to say O'Day was not good and serviceable, but your Morgan company at time of 24 had a better quality reputation...
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    What kind of Stainless is my Stern Pulpit made of?

    Wrong! If my stern rail or any of the rails on my boat were made of chrome plated steel, a magnet would stick to it. Not only that, my electric autopilot would be going haywire when I set it on course and put it on "Automatic." :naughty: - - - - -- - --- - - -- // - - -- --- - - -...
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    What kind of Stainless is my Stern Pulpit made of?

    steel ---------------- // -------------------- You have a production sailboat. I would suggest that you have chrome plated steel and not stainless steel. Ed K
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    How many ODay 28s with CB and Tiller?

    Draft question You ask for keel/centerboard because of skinny waters, but you did not state what is your minimum draft depth is? There are several good old boats that have 4 foot draft. Would you think of 4 foot draft? Or what is your minimum on a fixed keel? If you want keel...
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    Login/registration changes

    high dollar -------------- // -------------------- I hope you are paying yourself high dollars for all the work you are doing. Maybe a cruise would be appropriate? Have you considered writing a column about coastal cruising? Your contributor hit an iceberg? Ed K
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    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    Travel time by car It was said, "I got back to the boat after a nightmare seven and a half hour drive that was only supposed to take three hours according to Google Maps." So you used I-95? Did you see snails pass you? Ed K
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    transom reinforcement

    ------------------- // --------------------- Get 1/2" marine plywood and remove all bolts on the inside and measure and cut in complete piece. The outer edge of piece should be sealed with epoxy to prevent water intrusion. After new structure is glassed in and covered with layer of...
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    offshore sailing

    Off Shore It depends on what you mean by off shore? How far are you talking about? Are you still taking your parrot to Bermuda? People have crossed oceans in smaller boats. Some less seaworthy. We are waiting for your report from Burmuda. When you get there we will know it can be...
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    Need new sails...sailmaker recommendations

    stanchion backing plates Keith, The stanchion nuts for the most part are up in gunnells... I did not know the cabin liner went up there... in the bow and stern... and wet locker... And for the rest, yes add reinforcement even where visible. Just have to make neat and tiddy. So if you...
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    Need new sails...sailmaker recommendations

    fairleads, stanchions, backing plates Keith, You are wanting something to do in downtime? Put backing plates on all your stanchions so if you are about to fall overboard they will support your weight. The backing plates do not have to be stainless steel. Make them out of 1/2 inch...
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    Need new sails...sailmaker recommendations

    sails Bacon sails is also a good source for used sails. Save some money if not a racer wanting tweeked sails. Ed K Addendum: "Evil cannot be defeated by cowering in a corner hoping it will go away. The fear that leaves us helpless and cowering is what evil feeds on. It is the best...
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    Hey Joe, Saturday Fishing

    Hey Joe, check out saturday fishing: Ed K