Started with a Sea Snark, then a sunfish, then a Capri 14.2, then a Capri 22, then a Capri 25 and started to race (as a skipper)... moved to an S2 7.9, now I'm sailing a WD Schock Wavelength 24 and having a blast with it.

I've crewed on cruisers and racers, on everything from dinghies to 42 morgans. I've spent some time learning as much as I can, but I have no formal training per se, except a boaters safety course from PA (for personal watercraft usage).

The most fun I've had was skippering a bareboat charter Leopard 39 catamaran in the BVIs, I enjoyed it so much with 5 other friends/family, that we are going back in 2018, this time just myself and my wife on a 31 foot monohul Beneteau. We did 7 days the first time, and will be doing 11 this time. Can't wait!

Many of my fellow club members are moving out and up to 30+ footers, and I'm starting to believe I may soon be a 2 boat owner myself. Looking forward to bigger boats and bigger water. I hope my wife doesn't shoot me for it :) but then she DID suggest it to me.
WD Schock Wavelength 24 MINI MOO 1982 PA US Wallenpaupack S2 7.9, Capri 25, Capri 22, Capri 14.2, Sunfish, Snark (Sea) 35+ years sailing, and still learning. Male IT Manager


S2 7.9 lifting weighted daggerboard outboard model
Sold 1982 Capri 25, fin keel, trailerable
Sold 1989 Capri 22, wing keel trailerable, standard rig
Former Catalina Mainsheet Magazine Capri 25 Tech editor