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    Spinnaker for a 22

    Thanks for the wisdom I will have to do some investigating. I will have a knowledgeable sailor check it out for me.
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    Spinnaker for a 22

    Thanks all, I am not to the point of using a spinnaker myself yet, but the crew I am associating with on another boat races one and I am looking to pick up experience. My Catalina is more a cruiser right now but the price on this sail is too good to pass up. I picked up a spinnaker pole when...
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    Spinnaker for a 22

    I found a symmetrical spinnaker that is 16 foot with a 24 foot Luft for sale. Will this size sail be appropriate with my Catalina?
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    Rain under the sliding hatch while trailering ... SOLVED!

    Great idea. I'll be making one soon.
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    Electrical Refit Done!

    Looks great, I am going ti have to think about a few of your ideas when I get to the elect rewire point.
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    Loos model 1 or 2 tension guage?

    Got it. Launch is scheduled for this weekend. Thanks for the link to the guide.
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    Loos model 1 or 2 tension guage?

    Which one should be the best fit for the Catilina? Not able to get to my boat and measure right now. I figure that I should not wing it setting the rigging up right. Thanks.
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    Assortment of cheap fixes on Cat 22

    I just installed the same lights yesterday. I like them. I also just ran LEDs like on Stingy Sailors. They provide great working lights in the boat. Can't wait for weather to allow me to get her on the water.
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    Sliding Galley for a 1984 Catalina 22.

    Looking for a sliding Galley for my 1984 Catalina 22. Mine was missing when I bought the boat. I would like to find a usable one if some one has one they would like to part with. Thanks, Brian