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    Seaward 25 vs H240

    Thanks for the replies, still pondering what to do. Mike
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    Seaward 25 vs H240

    I have been considering a potential upgrade from a 1998 H240 to a newer Seaward 25. I ended up with a larger truck so towing capacity is no longer an issue, F250 vs honda ridgeline is an amazing change in capability, couple of things about the H240 that I have not enjoyed over the past 15...
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    cb retract line cover has shrunk?

    does anyone know why the center board retract line cover on my H240 seems to have shrunk? it requires about 150lbf tension to get it into position such that the hose clamps will hold it, however no matter how tight the hose clamps the hose eventually pops off of the fittings. Does any one...
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    Sailing Lake Nipigon (Ont

    Anybody have any experience sailing lake Nipigon located just north of Lake Superior. Near as I can tell the majority of the lake is uncharted except for topo maps and only about 1% of the surface area has actual soundings. Plan on spending a week on it with an H240 and am starting to get a...
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    outboard position while trailering

    As the years pass my outboard seems to get heavier each year. I normally trailer the H240 with the Nissan 8HP 2 stroke in the box of the pickup however I am considering leaving it on its mount on the boat. Any one know if this a bad idea or have experience trailering with the outboard on its...
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    How many H23 owners still overnight/cruise?

    We are a family of four (kids 6 & 8 ) and spend many nites on our H240. 3 nights is pretty good limit however we have done 5 usually on the hook. The apostles can be an interesting place to get a good nites sleep in a small boat. Seems like the wind and waves on some occasions may come from...