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    Yanmar 3GM30F tough starting (runs well)

    Check mixing elbo and mine would not start at all after winter storage and after replacing mixing elbo it would start real easy. Nick
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    Hunter 356 dripless shaft seal

    Did you contact PSS and see what they need for sizing, I did add PSS and I contacted them for info but don’t remember what sizing info was needed for my 36. Nick
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    New dinghy for 2-hp honda

    I don’t see how 2hp with 2 adults and dog will plane anything but I will follow here. Nick
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    Hunter 38 Improvements

    I added Flex o Fold folder because first dealer put wrong prop when new and could not get over 6 knots and this prop cheaper than most and no maintenance except keep it clean and very happy with it since 2007 improved sailing and motoring and reverse for my boat. Nick
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    Seahood removal Legend 35

    I would try to replace with some thing like starboard. Nick
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    Hunter 38 Improvements

    I have Flex O Fold on my 2007 H-36 and love it and all improved in sailing motoring and reverse. Nick
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    Electric oil change pump

    I had a 12 volt none impeller pump but after a few years it stopped working so got a used blue can hand Pump and it does the job but really did like the 12 volt pump. nick
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    Central gulf coast Florida diy marina recommendation

    They may be farther away but we have 2 great DIY yards in Port Charlotte Fl. Charlotte Harbor boat yard & All American yard. Nick
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    ipad for navigation

    I do have my iPad on a mounted under my nav pod. Great backup and so good I some times use it with Navionics as my prime navigation. Nick
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    ipad for navigation

    I use IPad with my C-80 chartplotter at helm and use Navionics and love and great for navigating and been using it for few years and do keep it plugged in with usb plug I added at helm It’s great in daylight also. I may add ais to it someday. Nick
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    Hunter 36 Fresh Water Tank Access

    The Head Mistress has a book to help with ways to clean out the tank and I think I saw the sending unit from top of vee berth removing one of the removable covers and I would start with draining the tank down on bottom of tank not letting the dirty water go into the rest of the system piping...
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    do you sail in the fog?

    Got caught in fog LI sound and wife scared as hell but told her look our radar was showing where the very large car and truck ferry was and showed how I made sure we stayed away from the ferry but the ferry’s fog horn was scaring her so don’t plan to leave port when fog sets in. Nick
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    Depth gauge vs Chartplotter

    I have 2007 H-36 with stand alone depth and speed instruments and also can get the depth and speed and also autopilot all work with my chartplotter thru NMEA on my older C-80 chartplotter. Nick I also upgraded the speed and depth for Sonar and more info on paddle wheel depth.
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    Hunter 38 electric heads recommendations

    I got theSea Era because great job and easy to work on one joker value to replace and motoris also easy to work on. The Elegence has 2 joker values and harder to work on and this told to me by 2 friends having that model and one had to replace it with a manual when out cruising. My Sea Era is...