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    Hunter 356 2002-coupler replacement

    Try checking out MainSail here his forum helped me remove my coupler and also was good time to change cutless bearing also seen on his forum here. He has a lot of helpful projects.
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    Florida Day Sailing

    I came from Long Island,NY and don’t live on a canal but keep at a women’s dock who loves the monthly Fee I pay her and my 07 H-36 is at a dock that Is so easy to go out into harbor and go sailing and worth the monthly Fee I pay so look in newspaper or drive around looking for empty docks and ask
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    electric toilet for Beneteau 323

    Sea era easy to work better than elegance has 2 jokers not easy to work on as sea era yes nice one I went with sea era and really like it.
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    Jabsco to Raritan Sea Era freshwater

    Just a suggestion but I have sea era electric and added a spray hose next to this toilet to make easy fresh water flushing and also added hose setup so my sink drains into my sea era so to flush the inner system of the flushing part of the sea era and been doing it for years and can still use...
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    Windlass Woes - Help Requested - AmIScru'd?

    What I found out was about over 5 years ago I took out my windlass to replace the bearing and rubber seal and it really was only a few drips on the wood cabinet and after replacing bearing and seal I found it to be leaking a lot more on the wood cabinet. Some one here suggested that before...
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    Hunter 36 - thickness of metal forming the mast (so I can buy the right length rivets)?

    Be careful I am not sure where your wiring and halyards run in tubing in mast and not all year masts are the same. I have inmast in my 07 H-36 so I can’t help but try drilling where you need to and see if you can check thickness of mast. Nick
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    Best Headset........

    I love our cruise solutions that I got at a boat show but I am not sure if they still sell them.
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    Headliner Replacement on a 2004 Hunter 36

    If you take the inside from off you will see that they used staple gun with many stables around holding the headliner material and forget around lites and should be same around bigger windows. Nick
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    Dingy Davits

    I was not crazy about Hunters Davits but that was just me and starting looking at many of sailboats with Davits and were so many and Iucked out I think in here for sale section was a set of Davits for 410 Hunter that was easy to fit my 07 H-36 and they were very heavy duty Davits made by Ocean...
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    pss dry shaft and vent line on H 41?

    I also have water shoot up the vent line when put in reverse and I have the vent line high and still have water shoot out and so added a bicycle bottle that the vent goes into the bottle 90% fitting. Nick
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    Wiring for electric winch - 2002 386

    I got very lucky when WM would have Bogo sale on Lewmar winches every year and I saved even more by getting Bogo on the conversion for my Lewmar 40 winches. I added the electric 40 winches for my jib and mad some changes by extending furling line to reach my jib winches and all my lines go Back...
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    Ignorant solar panel and battery questions

    If you think you might do over nighters more than invest in a second deep cycle battery and a start battery as backup and if you plan on doing more over nights in future than look into solar and maybe 2-6 volt deep cycle ashouse bank and a second battery for start battery and build up from...
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    Panda 6 KW generator / Yanmar 4JH4E oil grade

    I have been using shell Rotella 15W 40 for my Yanmar 3YM30 and for my Fisher Panda 42/since the boat was new and never need to add oil in between oil and filter changes.
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    Marinco Solar Vent Installation

    Are you drill with hole saw or note and if using hole go slow the heat will melt some of the plastic hatch but no problem mine came out great nice aind clean job
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    Engine Stalling 3GM30F

    I had gunk in my fuel tank and after running hour or more engine would die changed fuel filter and run again for engine or more so took fuel gauge sender and fuel pickup w it’s screen on end of pickup tube coated with crud and so what was happening when running engine and boat bouncing around...