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    Deck Light Switch on a 2009 36" Hunter

    Deck light was not on from the factory and I would love to add a flood type light to show the sail but don’t do any night sailing much. I would have loved such a light when sail from NY to Fl. when we did 10 days and nights all ocean sailing. Nick
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    Peek a Boo shutters

    I have sunbrella covering my opening hatches and also protect the hatches from sun damage, I also have peek a boo on all my small ports but best to cover all ports and keep sun out. Nick
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    Pump out on Hunter

    Keep thru hull closed always here in Florida unless out miles from shore but don’t want mistake dumping waste over board will be big fines. Nick
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    H36 Remove Propane Locker - anyone ever done this?

    I did not need to remove propane locker for my 2007 H-36 for my Ocean Davits, but did remove the locker when converted my winches to electric. I don’t understand I don’t see not being able to get into locker that is also where holding tank is located. Nick
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    Hunter 36 Bimini zipper lost

    On my H-36 I have a track on the arch part and the canvas has a round roping that the canvas slides into and zippers on other end and go for more info. Nick
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    Overnight Trips From GSB, Fire Island NY

    Hi hope you enjoy your new to you and I sailed LI Sound Peconic and great South Bay with a Hunter 29 for many years living LI and your boat is smaller so just always check weather before going out and a few times got caught out when weather changed. I also sailed to Block Island and moved up to...
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    Raymarine Speed Transducer Blanking Plug

    I have 2 make offer + shipping. Nick
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    Day Sailing in the Florida Keys

    During Fantasy Fest everything gets booked and very crowded and very crazy but fun.
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    Are there any drop in placements for Raymarine E80

    Call Raymarine and I have C-80 they said newer chartplotters won’t work with my radar but should be ok for other equipment but give them a call and they can tell you for sure. I had my C-80 replaced with newer C-80 if interested do search for repair. Nick
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    New Life for Old Instruments

    I had same problem but new wires did not help and went up mast and found damage from birds and even fishing line inside turning part and found great new replacement and working like new again. I searched eBay and Craigslist and got lucky and found new in box locally much lower price than most...
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    Hunter 36 Fridge Replacement

    Try going to Penguin Diagnostic on YouTube. I used their help to find why my Refrig was not cooling and uses blinking light codes to solve my problem. Working and cooling great again and was super helpful and easy. Nick
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    Hunter 36 Fridge Replacement

    Measure the opening and any unit same opening will fit. I just replaced part for mine now working fine. Nick
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    Figured out why washdown pump doesn’t work. Now what?

    I had my wash down pump stop working and found it only needed help and turned the motor with tool and been working fine over year. Make sure wires are clean water proof . Nick
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    Fresh water flush

    I added a sprayer hose a long side my Sea Era for flushing and also have sink drain into my Sea Era and makes things smell ok and less build up of salt and no real reapairs and joke value lasts longer. Nick
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    Jib sheet tracks

    What did you think of the new sails and Precision sails. I need new sails. Nick