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    Replacing Forward Berth Mattress

    Jack - Did you see Jesse's solution?
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    Catalina 310 mast electrical connections

    Jack - On mine (#48) there is a single trailer connector for the lights (I have no instruments on the mast), a coax-type connector for the VHF antenna, and a coax connector for the TV antenna (which I've removed from the mast but the cable is still there). They are all right there at the bottom...
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    Location of fluxgate compass

    Mine is on the port side, under the sink in the head.
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    Greetings! Updates to the C310/315 IA web site have been completed. For those of you who answered my call for someone to assist with the web site, I'll be reaching out to you soon. I just wanted to get the latest updates in place first. Thanks!!
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    I have had one response so far...but right now I'm having trouble contacting the person who actually makes the updates on behalf of the organization. I've provided a set of pages to be replaced, but haven't been able to reach him in almost a week. Still working on it.
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    While I am reviewing messages from volunteers for the webmaster position, I did take a couple of hours this afternoon to update the membership list, send checks for deposit, and make updates to the webpage. Because our page is hosted, I have to send the changes out and they usually are made in...
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    C310/315 IA Webmaster

    Good morning, fellow C310/315 owners! I am currently the C310/315 International Association Secretary / Treasurer / Webmaster. As several people have recently pointed out to me, I've gotten quite far behind in updating the Association's web page. Perhaps one day, when I finally retire, I'll...
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    Racor Fun Yesterday

    I did have a line clamp in reach and I put that on the “in” line, but I’m always hesitant to screw that thing too tightly down as I worry about damaging the hose.
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    Racor Fun Yesterday

    I changed the fuel filters yesterday on the hard, which is always a delightful job (note sarcasm) and had an issue I thought I'd share. After I was done, having used my last absorbent pad and most of my paper towels/rags, I ran the engine to ensure no problems. I did have an impeller issue I...
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    Tranny Fluid & Heat Exchanger

    Changing the transmission fluid had been on my list for a while, and I'm embarrassed to say it was one of those, "I'll get to it post-launch" activities that I never got to. Reading this thread made me put it at the top of yesterday's list, and I found it was a pretty easy process. As someone...
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    Engine Mounts Replacements

    Information about the C310/315 IA is here. (Yes, I know the site needs some updates.)
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    Replacing prop shaft

    This topic was discussed here.
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    V Berth Mattress

    This was discussed in a previous thread. You do have to read down a bit to see Jesse's solution...and there was a side discussion around sheets that was included as well.
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    C310/315 IA Membership and BoatUS Discount Termination

    As members of the C310/315 International Association know, our members have been receiving a discount on BoatUS memberships. Today I received notice from BoatUS that effective January 4, 2021 basic BoatUS Membership dues increased for the first time in 10 years to $25 annually. Unfortunately...
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    Survey on C310 #217

    It might help if you posted the link to the listing for the boat so folks can look over the pictures...