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    Engine Mounts Replacements

    Information about the C310/315 IA is here. (Yes, I know the site needs some updates.)
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    Replacing prop shaft

    This topic was discussed here.
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    V Berth Mattress

    This was discussed in a previous thread. You do have to read down a bit to see Jesse's solution...and there was a side discussion around sheets that was included as well.
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    C310/315 IA Membership and BoatUS Discount Termination

    As members of the C310/315 International Association know, our members have been receiving a discount on BoatUS memberships. Today I received notice from BoatUS that effective January 4, 2021 basic BoatUS Membership dues increased for the first time in 10 years to $25 annually. Unfortunately...
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    Survey on C310 #217

    It might help if you posted the link to the listing for the boat so folks can look over the pictures...
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    Survey on C310 #217

    Overheating could be caused by an obstruction in the heat exchanger or a problem with the impeller/water pump...but neither would require a complete engine replacement. Not sure what cause of overheating would require a complete replacement, but I am NOT an engine expert by any stretch...
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    Survey on C310 #217

    When I purchased my 2001 back in 2014 there were only a few items of concern, none of which were major: Starboard chainplate had minor moisture damage indicating a leak...I pulled and re-sealed with butyl tape a couple of years later (I should have done it sooner, the job was easier than I...
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    Hunt for a 310

    Yeah, probably not a good idea to do that IN THE C310 FORUM. ;-)
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    Blister history of Catalina 310

    I've never had a full strip to gel coat in the 6 years I've had my 2001.
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    Blister history of Catalina 310

    Hull #48 - Same. Never had blisters, haul the boat every year (located in the Northeast), and I have bottom cleaned and painted every year.
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    Mast base wiring connections

    Also no. The caps say "DO NOT OPEN" so I never even considered doing that.
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    Engine Power Issue

    I love this forum. A quick search and I found where I posted all about it.
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    Engine Power Issue

    I had an issue years ago with my RPMs suddenly taking a nose dive and then coming back up and then dropping again, sometimes leading to a stall. If I remember correctly, it was a problem with the wiring to the fuel pump or something similar on the engine. I think it was the first year I owned...
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    Mast base wiring connections

    Very carefully, and on the hard. I muscled them up out of the compartment and onto the floor, then dragged them to the companionway steps, then lifted them a step at a time, keeping my center of balance directly over the battery. Once in the cockpit I dragged to the stern where I had a ladder...
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    Moving to the Dark Side

    Good luck with power! If you are currently a member of the C310IA please let me know so I don't keep hammering you with reminders to renew. ;-)