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    Why such a late in the season launch?
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    Asymmetrical Rigging ideas

    ATN makes a device called a Tacker. It wraps around the furled headsail and allows you to work the sail. Check ATN's website or You Tube..
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    Any one fitted a ZF 12 M Transmission as a replacement to a Hurth HWB 10 R-2?

    A year ago I was in the same spot. Research indicated the replacing the Hurth with a ZF would require altering the shaft and raising the engine on new beds. I decided to go with a rebuild of the Hurth. In the end it was the best course of action. The rebuild cost $1600.00 ( US) and the ZF was...
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    M15 engine is overheating

    Don't be too sure where the impeller is made. Just because the pump is made in MI doesn't mean that the impeller is. similar to GM engine computer chips....
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    Sad news about Mainesail

    What plans are there to winterize his boat? Advise if a work party is going to be assembled..
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    M15 engine is overheating

    Don't assume that the new pump has a good impeller.. Remove the pump cover and have a helper engage the starter WITH the stop pulled. If the shaft turns and the impeller stays in place, then you've joined the victim of China made impellers Club.. However, if the impeller turns and water is...
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    I plan to upgrade my plumbing to add pressurized and heated water! Who can help me choose a heater?

    I installed the KUUMA as well. In the attached pic you can see the winterization manifold. When all valves are in the vertical position it is on summer mode. Turning all horizontal, bypasses the tank so that I'm not wasting 6 gallons of RV antifreeze.
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    1st Haul/Bottom Job/Cutlass Bearing - Any gotchas?

    Not stated was if YOU were doing all of the items on your list, or having a yard do it. I saw your list as a " is there anything I've left out" not a tell me how to do this....
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    Synthetic oil for a M-35B

    Whether or not you make the switch, your old selection must be diesel rated. That means a "C" rating..i.e. SAE 10-30 CF... Do't be fooled by HD... Diesels oils are CE, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4, CH-4, CJ-4 ( not the Jeep ), CK-4. Each progressive letter after the "C" indicated a step forward...
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    the LBJ... hmm most Presidents has carriers named after them...Lyndon must have irked someone in the Navy... and he was in the navy in WWII
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    If you had one of these...

    Repairmen had these big triple opening tool father couldn't understand why my brother couldn't fix the set when home on leave.. He was in the USAF as a radar repair instructor..
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    If you had one of these...

    My dad had a better one... ME... betcha that one doesn't fetch a cold brew
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    Bilge Pump

    Different boats.. Now with a C-34 that was already plumbed.. However, I had an O'day 272 that needed a bilge pump. On that boat the discharge line was run under the inboard diesel and up into the starboard lazarette and aft the transom where it discharged.. The check valve was at the pump and...
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    Advice on securing outhaul and topping lift led to cockpit

    Not sure if this will work for you, but I re-positioned my topping lift to the cockpit. I shortened up the topping lift line and added a block. The block is about 3 feet above the boom. I tie a line to the right side of the boom and it rises to the block, passes through and descends to the port...