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    H280 Service Manual

    Never seen a Hunter sailboat service manual. You will need to develop one based on best practices documented on the internet. Please post one when you develop one. That is what I do for my boats.
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    Bombay Clipper 31, 1979, portholes

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!! If you cannot find one from portlight manufacturers to fit suggest buying a custom made one from ManShip. Similar cost to an off the shelf one. That is what I just did (4 total), exactly same design as yours.
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    Trailer lug nut tightness

    Wow that was one of the quickest thread resolutions ever!!
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    Trailer lug nut tightness

    Same I have my trailer or tire shop do it.
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    Trailer lug nut tightness

    Welcome to the forum!! Great question!! ............lug nut torque depends on its diameter Lug Nut Torque Rating for a 5-Lug Trailer Wheel | The correct torque will depend on the size of the lugs. For a 1/2-inch lug the torque spec ranges from 75- to 85-ft-lbs. For a 9/16-inch lug...
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    I Need Some Deck Painting Advice.

    Before you consider paint you might want to see this video on repairing spider and hairline gelcoat cracks: How To Fix Spider Cracks, Hairline Cracks, and Crazing in Boat Gelcoat [MATERIALS LIST] | BoatUS - YouTube. Grind out the crack with a dremel tool, fill with color-matched gelcoat (with...
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    Fuel Tank Access Port Sealant

    Welcome to the forum!! Suggest a PVC thread sealant compatible with your fuel but check with the manufacturer to confirm compatibility with your fuel (gasoline or diesel) service before you use it.
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    ZF marine ZF 12 M Gear Purchase

    ZF 12 M Marine Transmission | ZF Hurth 12 M Marine Transmissions (
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    Hunter 23 shroud tension specifications

    Take a look at these threads on the same subject, albeit different size Hunters 1978 Hunter 27 Shroud Tension | Sailboat Owners Forums, Shroud Tension Specs | Sailboat Owners Forums AND hunter 25.5 shroud tension?? | Sailboat Owners Forums
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    Remove DS10 Depth Sounder from Bulkhead

    A photo of the back of the instrument might help to see if there is a ring that springs out or consider contacting the manufacturer (Standard Horizon?) for a manual.
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    Coach Window Seal

    If this is a frameless acrylic window it will be custom (buy new acrylic lens from a local plastics shop and seal it in place with Dow 795), otherwise if a framed fixed or opening portlight it will likely be a Lewmar and likely available. Do a search on this forum on "portlight replacement" and...
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    Asymmetrical Rigging ideas

    Do not see why not, it wraps around the forestay to keep the spinnaker out in front of the forestay and holds the tack, hence the luff of the spinnaker close to the center line of the boat and it can be adjusted up and down with your down haul / tack line for a perfect trim The Tacker | No Boom...
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    part for Maxwell windlass

    Is it a vertical or horizontal? Find manuals here: Maxwell VW1000 Series Vertical Windlass ( Attached is an example manual
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    Looking at a boat...that sank!

    Nice boat: - EO 32 Sailboat Suggest getting an engine, electrical and rigging surveys in addition to a marine survey, including hull, deck and rudder miosture content, to confirm the boat's condition.
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    Coach Window Seal

    Welcome to the forum!! If it just the window, no big deal..........just remove the remove the window and install a new one. Sughgest requesting a "repair allowance" for a proper window replacement from the Seller.