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    Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) & Fresh Water

    Blaine Port of Bellingham And are you always this Rude to People in this Forum if so Then I want no Part of you if a Person can not say something with out being belittled and pretty much be told they know nothing and you are in Cal and i'm here I would just wish you would have a Little Respect...
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    Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) & Fresh Water

    Not in the Marina Dude it Clearly States that anyone Cleaning a Hull in the Marina under the Waterline shall be Fined!!!! Like I said I am not misinformed you are even a Diver cannot clean a hull while in the slip you can go outside the marina in open water But it is Strictly Forbidden in the...
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    Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) & Fresh Water

    Well Next trip up there I will take you a Picture it is Called the Clean Water act a Green Marina Maybe that is why we have such clean water up here and yours is Probability Polluted and Yes Marina's do have the Right to fine you Read your Regulations It is Legal to clean to the Water Line Only...
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    Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) & Fresh Water

    A Very Good Post my Marina will fine you 15000 dollars if you try to clean your boat at the marina I always have my cord on the dock it has never been in the water and wrap around the cleats just to make sure but while I'm not on the boat I usually unplug it I have always felt it was safer to do...
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    Help installing new Autopilot onto tiller

    I have a 30 but by looking at the pic's your going thru what I went thru on mine I ended up getting 2- 6 inch extensions from west Marine from what I saw in the pic you only have an inch or so pull to Starboard and then full extend to port I would add the extension with the st 2000 farther back...
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    Missing Sailor & Family, Sanibel Island

    So Sad I just hate hearing these story's especially with kid's involved I hope they are found Safe and this ends up to be a Happy Rescue and Not a Tragic one My Heart goes out to the Family. I am Truly Saddened by This and Pray they are alright.
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    Wifi questions resurrected

    I have one that is called ALFA Networks it works Awesome and if My Memory serves me right I didn't pay that much for it. I bought it a few years back when Moored at Shilshole Marina in Seattle. I was quite a ways from the free Wi-Fi and needed a Boost it came with 50' of cable so I mounted it...
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    What the h@ll causes this?

    The Answer is as it States on screen it is asking you to enter your Positon your Radio is not hooked to any Gps device so it's asking o Manually input the info
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    Great Deal I got an almost Brand new Raytheon Radar off CL for 495$ was almost like buying it new even Came with the Manual I love Craigslist for Boating Deals stuff new these Days are just to Expensive I'm Glad you Found such a Great Deal
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    san juan 34

    I have a 30 and did all the cabin myself I just found it to Hard to find stuff. Do you still have the fabric headliner if so change it to a dimpled fiberglass. I got mine at home depot about 25 a sheet and is very easy to put on. and for the cupboards I had some built by a friend. I have...
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    Memorial Weekend Cruise

    I was thinking of heading up to Desolation Sound for a Peaceful weekend anyone else heading that way give me a shout Find me 338206099 MMSI# I'll be somewhere I hope. I have a Friend from high school coming on Saturday I haven't seen for 37 years he Retired from the Navy and Is the Nuclear...
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    Wood rotting in cabin of 1978 Catalina 27'

    I keep a Light Blub going all winter doesn't cost much. And I also use the air drier to capture some or most of the moist air the light blub keeps it a little warm. I haven't had any Mold since I started doing that I just got tired of having to clean for days. And I no longer get that Musty...
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    Advice on a bluewater cruiser?

    I myself If I was wanting a World Cruiser I would want a McCurdy & Rhodes 56 it is an Aluminum Hulled Boat with 85 hp Perkins 3 blade Screw a Cutter Rig cost you would have to save up for this one. But in the 200,000 range is the new Adventure 40 also a Good boat for Offshore the 56 would truly...
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    Favorite sailing pic!

    Yes this was Taken while in the South end I believe it is close to Olympia or somewhere in between Mt Baker is really close up here in Ferndale and Blaine
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    Leading Halyards back to cockpit

    Done that it is a perfect angle to the winch at first found it was off so I did adjust it to go in the same direction Thank you that was a very helpful suggestion as well