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    Moisture damage

    Ours is soaked upon inspection and needs the exact same fix. Just wanted to say thanks for posting. Big savings for us
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    Tender 315

    Congrats on the new boat! We love our 310. Hull seems to be designed (I believe intentionally? .....maybe to make the beamy boat more slippery in light winds....) to easily heel to 15 degrees and stiffen up from there. It surprised us at first as well. The depth of knowledge you’ve demonstrated...
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    Water in cabin

    Hello JRT, have had sweet water aft intrusion twice. If the fresh water intrusion only occurs with the water pressure pump on, try checking the water line connections behind the outside shower access panel. If fresh pressure pump isn’t kicking on and plumbing system pressurizes when not in use...
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    Water in cabin

    We had mysterious and fairly large amounts of water intrusion in the cabin when healing aggressively even after closing all the through hulls. Through some trial and error we figured out the source. It was a pin hole leak in the drain hose that runs from the bottom of the anchor locker and the...
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    Where is the best source for the M25XPB heat exchanger gasket?

    This should be the one, just ordered and looks right but have not gotten down to the boat yet: Engine Exhaust FlangeCircular Gasket Only - Chris W