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    Rudder cables - need some help

    I had mine fail suddenly and built replacements a while back. Since your are intact, they should be easy to copy. Hope this is helpful. /Ed
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    Maine Sail

    We've just learned that Rod Collins aka Maine Sail suffered a hemorrhagic stroke last week. He is out of ICU and headed into rehab. (There is another post on SBO by Phil Herring at Maine Sail update Rod had been a mentor and marine electrical guru to us all, and let's keep him in our thoughts...
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    Raymarine ST4000+ Seatalk Fail message

    ST4000+ control head is integral with the interface on the Navpod. It's a small unit. Newer autopilots have a separate, larger CPU. Depending on your other instruments, if same vintage, you likely have only SeaTalk, NOT ng. First thing to check is power. Do your other instruments work OK...
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    AC Condensate Drain Oprion

    We bought our 310 from a brokerage in Kemah, TX, where is sat with a port ajar and bilge wet, cooking in the TX heat. The boat had only 88 hours, but the mildew was everywhere. It's work, but you can beat it down. Plenty of threads on mildew control. Our first action was to purchase a small...
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    Moisture damage

    Sorry you have the same problems. Regarding the temporary winter cover, you MUST seal the screw holes, especially those most forward. Water puddles quite deep around those screws. 3/8" balsa from FibreGlast worked well. If I had do-overs: -I didn't consistently mask the gelcoat edges and ended...
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    Moisture damage

    Project finally completed, albeit on our wounded boat. Pics below. Because of the wide and varying gaps under the hood, Butyl Tape only worked well to bed the screw undersides on the slide extensions. I had to build up a tall "volcano" around the forward screw holes to bridge the gaps. The...
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    Sealing cabin top seams

    I guess I did confuse some by posting photos of only the bottom of the hood. Project is now complete. This post was inquiring the best caulk for the sky-facing seams. I caulked the seams with LifeCalk. I'll update the prior post with specifics beyond caulking. /Ed
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    Sealing cabin top seams

    Yes, this finished seam between hood and cabin top. Factory caulk essentially gave it up years ago.
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    Sealing cabin top seams

    You’re looking at the bottom in the photo. I opened and replaced the balsa core due to extreme moisture. Top is white gel coat edges and gray nonskid. Covers companionway sliding hatch. Seam in question is between this part and the cabin top itself.
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    Sealing cabin top seams

    A while back I posted the rebuild of our companionway hatch cover. Moisture damage. Now I need to reinstall and caulk the seams. After reviewing so much online information, I remain confused as to the best choice to caulk these seams. Not 5200, other 3M sealants yellow, some chalk like Lifecalk...
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    Hull Damage

    I know marina has had trouble getting seasonal haul / launch help. Root could be lack of experience and training. I will always witness from now on.
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    Hull Damage

    Thanks all. Yes insurance consulted and they are waiting on survey as well. I think yard will take care of, but doubt a fast repair. Also, yes the stands were too far forward and I did see oil canning on starboard. Will advise. /Ed
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    Hull Damage

    We launched on Friday with no trouble and I piloted Brio the 20 cold minutes to our marina. We began moving in and as I was stowing some items in the starboard quarter, I noticed cracks in the area under the berth where the stands had been. One crack was wet and seeping; fortunately slowly...
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    Racor Fun Yesterday

    Sorry Curt, I'm sure it was chaos for a while! You sure have troubles with stinky stuff. Some of us have the filters on the bulkhead above the engine and some in the bilge opposite the muffler, as we do. Old Chipotle bowl lids work great to catch the drips from a normal filter change or bowl...
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    Refrigeration help

    Great news. Electrical is first place to look.