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    One for the Chesey Guys

    The Marina on Quantico Marine Corps Base is close to Mallows Bay. There is a proposal to make it a national monument. There is also a sunken German U-boat near Ragged Point.
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    310 Voltage Regulator Location

    FWIW, most of the Universal M25XPB's came with a Mando OEM alternator that has an internal regulator. I replaced mine with a Mercruiser one and it was essentially a Mando with the Mercruiser template.
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    Stopping Leaks with the Magic of Butyl Tape

    I rebedded that front hatch with Bed-It-Butyl on my 310 and also on a friends 309. It worked fine; we just unscrewed the hatch, popped them off, cleaned them off, then used a couple of layers of butyl tape to make sure we have a good seal all the way around and re-installed. They used some cheap...
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    Line Configuation on Garhaure Boom Vang

    AllUGet you are absolutely right. My mistake was looking at it and thinking "that is simple, hold my beer."
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    Sherwood water pump replacement

    Does anyone have a template for the 202-16? My Sherwood is still servicable, and I just put in a new impeller, but ordered a Oberdorfer as I am sick of those backward bolts (really stupid design). Would like to get the new one ready to go and then replace it when the impeller on the Sherwood is...
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    Line Configuation on Garhaure Boom Vang

    Thanks All. The first pic from PaulJ gave me what I needed. I like how he has a single line and how it is routed. Not sure now why mine had two pieces of line.
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    Line Configuation on Garhaure Boom Vang

    All, I took off my lines to clean them up and figured it would be so simple I did not need to make note of how they were configured.:eek: They seem to overlap which does not seem right. Can someone post a picture? Thanks
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    New Chartplotters and Features

    Doug, I suspected that chartplotter was from China so it is out for me as well. But I do like the idea of having AIS built in and the Raymarine stuff where they are integrating in a FLIR camera view with Augmented Reality is pretty cool. Admirals first comment when I mentioned the AR is that it...
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    New Chartplotters and Features

    Saw in some articles (Cruising World and MSN) about some of the new chartplotter features. I see that some are including Automated Identification of Ship (AIS), connections to smartphones and Augmented Reality (AR). Was actually talking to the Admiral about these and she stated those would be...
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    Swim Ladder Part

    I would love to see that set up.
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    Repace toggle on schaefer 2100 furler

    Mark, Having trouble visualizing what you are doing. Do you have a picture? I have not taken my 2100 apart, but have done a couple of others. Sounds like you have it mostly figured it out as it is usually not all that complex.
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    How old is your shore power cord?

    I have heard that Harlequin Novels and Hallmark Movies always have a happy ending. Are you a former writer for either?
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    How old is your shore power cord?

    If you take you power cord off while you are sailing what do you do for power? :laugh:
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    Spinnaker Bail

    PaulJ, That is not a dinghy, that is a mini-yacht. Just sayin' :stir:
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    New Flag

    I recently read a book on the War of 1812 called "Ships of Oak, Guns of Iron". Pretty interesting. The US Navy acquitted itself very well against the Royal Navy even though for most of the war they were badly outnumbered; for most of the war after the first few engagements, Royal Navy ships were...