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    310 dodger frame

    I actually added handrails to mine for something to grab on when walking from the foredeck back into the cockpit. One of the best things I ever did. Also, when I re-did my dodger I made it so all the windows can be zipped out; a little more work but really nice when racing on a hot day.
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    Need new Genoa? Which one?

    Based on what I read in the thread Stew referenced and personal experience, I would think it interesting to try a 95%. On the upper Potomac River you tend to have to tack a lot and an easier to handle 95 might be a lot more fun.
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    Rabbit hole

    It has been working great for quite a few years.
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    Engine Raw Water Lines

    I think I will go with the 250 or 252. Thanks
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    Engine Raw Water Lines

    Does anyone know how much raw water hose I need and the best type? This is to go from Thru hull to strainer, strainer to raw water pump, pump to heat exchanger, anything else I missed. I am assuming I can just pop into West Marine to get the hose.
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    How to re-bed the shrouds

    Thankfully I have the new style chain plates. I owe you guys two more pictures, one of the chain plate from the forward side of the bulkhead and the other from topside (I think that other picture was one of the stays). The part I am scratching my head about is that there are no bolts visible on...
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    What is this port?

    Thanks All. Definitely looks like a Beckson Rain Drain (Opening Ports by Beckson or PO310). Since I am not in love with them, just need to repair or replace perhaps I will consider alternatives. FWIW, it looks like this site carries all the replacement parts I need. Big item is a new lens as...
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    How to re-bed the shrouds

    Hopefully there is a simple way to do this.
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    What is this port?

    I need to replace the gaskets, screens and lenses on these ports, but have no idea what they are. Pretty sure they are not Lewmar. Any thoughts?
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    One for the Chesey Guys

    The Marina on Quantico Marine Corps Base is close to Mallows Bay. There is a proposal to make it a national monument. There is also a sunken German U-boat near Ragged Point.
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    310 Voltage Regulator Location

    FWIW, most of the Universal M25XPB's came with a Mando OEM alternator that has an internal regulator. I replaced mine with a Mercruiser one and it was essentially a Mando with the Mercruiser template.
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    Stopping Leaks with the Magic of Butyl Tape

    I rebedded that front hatch with Bed-It-Butyl on my 310 and also on a friends 309. It worked fine; we just unscrewed the hatch, popped them off, cleaned them off, then used a couple of layers of butyl tape to make sure we have a good seal all the way around and re-installed. They used some cheap...
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    Line Configuation on Garhaure Boom Vang

    AllUGet you are absolutely right. My mistake was looking at it and thinking "that is simple, hold my beer."
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    Sherwood water pump replacement

    Does anyone have a template for the 202-16? My Sherwood is still servicable, and I just put in a new impeller, but ordered a Oberdorfer as I am sick of those backward bolts (really stupid design). Would like to get the new one ready to go and then replace it when the impeller on the Sherwood is...
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    Line Configuation on Garhaure Boom Vang

    Thanks All. The first pic from PaulJ gave me what I needed. I like how he has a single line and how it is routed. Not sure now why mine had two pieces of line.