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    Rudder woes, don't trust it!

    hmmmmm, that'd work!...any method to keep the damn thing on the boat!
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    Rudder woes, don't trust it!

    excellent, thank you!
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    Rudder woes, don't trust it!

    excellent discussion on that thread....thx for that!
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    Rudder woes, don't trust it!

    LR.....yea, exactly, thinking of drilling a pintle for a cotter or ringding if long enough as a quik fix. The spring steel keeper is intact, not bent....there is a touch of slop in the pintle/gudgeon fit from years of wear...add some crazy wave action (stern faces weather in slip), musta been...
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    Rudder woes, don't trust it!

    '84 model in good shape, including the friggin notorious Catalina kickup rudder, 3/8 pintles & gudgeons, spring steel "keeper". Hadn't been to the boat in a week or so, slipped at a local sailing club here. Stopped by this week to check lines and WHOA! no rudder! (Now that is problematic...
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    Changes to new design?

    our '84 pulpits are 7/8" 86> are 1" from what I've seen...fwiw
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    Cushion modification

    We've used the excellent $30 Iwatani burner only a few times since buying it a few yrs ago for the boat, and only then to simply brew a pot of coffee. Any other cooking's been done on the Magma on the rail. (It did come in more useful in the house during the last few hurricane power outages...
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    Cushion modification interior I've seen, yea, get rid of the stove, go with Gene's Iwatani single burner butane down below and add a Magma on the rail....all you'll ever need....
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    Cat 22 Swing Keel Sailboat Maintenance

    order some oxalic acid, powder on Amazon for use on the really tuff stains, I use it mainly on the hull, especially at the waterline. Mix it in a bucket with hot water, Apply with sponge, let it sit 5 min., scrub off with brush and hose off.....wear gloves and eye protection, keep it off your...
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    C22 nav lights...?

    LR....we actually have one, takes 2 D cells and is LED...wonder if it would last all nite? The boat has no masthead light, one original steaming at the spreaders, so I may actually hang the kero, guess we're both nutz! gonna spend some time this week with the multimeter, see if it's a wireing...
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    C22 nav lights...?

    got it, thx!......
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    C22 nav lights...? all these fixtures come with bulbs, or is that addnl? descriptions don't really specify at a glance...
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    C22 nav lights...?

    All, good advice, gotta dig into this....(dammit, shoulda done this over winter months) LR--- boy, proud of these, only $48/each!.....I may hang a kerosene lamp on a halyard for our occasional use!!! (do they make red & green kerosene?).....
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    C22 nav lights...?

    So, time to spend some nights on the water, '84 C22....all lights are out, lenses crystalized, etc., have paid zero attention to this as we have been simple daysailers. Did a search here, conflicting info, that said, what is needed, what is required, and what is best bang for buck? Will trace...
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    Cockpit floor replacement '84....?

    how'd you cut off the skin perimeter so neatly (circular saw?), and were top and bottom skins "adhered" to the plywood?