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    Oscillating Multi Tool for Repair Work

    I have a Milwaukee multitool and I am very pleased with it.
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    Hatch Repair

    Is the surrounding deck solid? You should do more than "break the shedding glass". You really need to grind back to sound substrate and rebuild from there.
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    handheld marine gps

    I have an old Garmin 72. It is very good at giving me latitude and longitude and a paper chart lets me fix my position. It also identifies all of the navigation marks within a mile or so of my position. I am pleased with it. It is now of such age that the celestial details no longer give me the...
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    Plan to Save or to Abandon the Ship?

    The one I tried was new but in an emergency I don't believe I would be picky.
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    Plan to Save or to Abandon the Ship?

    I was messing around with various materials for plugging leaks and discovered the modern disposable diapers will effectively plug a 4 inch PVC pipe 10 feet long and filled with water.
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    Plan to Save or to Abandon the Ship?

    In more than twenty years of reading sailing stories I have only read about a half dozen stories of a boat being so badly damaged that sinking was complete in minutes. Short of a collision with a semi-submerged hard object any holes in the boat that start leaking are already in the boat. If you...
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    Swing Keel Rope Replacement

    A properly made patch on fiberglass is as good and as strong as the original.
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    winter messenger line type

    My 14 year old sta-set running rigging is still completely serviceable.
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    Too much draft?

    Shallow draft allows you to get stuck closer to the shore.
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    Plan to Save or to Abandon the Ship?

    All Navy ships have damage control parties trained to contain damage to the ship and all personnel participate in the drills at some point. On small boats damage control is a first priority thus we have soft wood plugs for the through hulls. Start the bilge pumps and stop the leaks.
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    I'm getting giant bids on Uship (?)

    Cross country= coast to coast? one day to load four days travel, one day to unload, four days travel back. Sounds like two weeks for a 250,000 dollar truck and trailer and a driver, fuel for 6000 miles, sleeper cab or motel rooms, meals, insurance.
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    Catalina 28 Steering Post Winterizing

    There is an obstruction in the drain?
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    Heading South

    Jim Seamans, Nov.17 can be pretty late to be leaving the Chesapeake. Pack cold weather foulies. And have a good winter.
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    What is the best way to raise my weight in a Bosun Chair?

    Re: ATN With a 4 part tackle and a 180 pound passenger. If the passenger pulls 40 pounds on the fall then the weight in the chair reduces to 140 and the chair lifts because the lift force equals 160 pounds minus friction losses.
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    My First Sailboat.

    You got some very real world advise but you are not man enough to accept it or you are not intellectually able to comprehend the truth.