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    It's Curtains!

    My boat is already ready. I'll be 75 in October. My sailing club just pulled my skipper's licket.
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    Salt water soap

    Yeah, I would have suggester camping supply outfitters.
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    Care and Feeding of Oceanis 343.

    That sounds like the B323, also.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    David, post 49. I can't find a date on your post, but on the 10/11 of July my club ( SOS for short ; Orange/gold burgees.) was to have gone to the "horse Farm - Eagle Cove" as we call it. I had a burgee port AND stbd that weekend. One boat had been there the weekend before and they said the...
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    Throttle position while sailing?

    That's pretty much my story, too, Doug.
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    Boom rests on bimini when main sheeted. 1993 Hunter Legend 35.5

    Don't raise the main, lower the bimini.
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    Electronic anomalies

    Doug, you remind me of me... and my B323 ! I took 2 overnight cruises, post-covid, and IIRC, everything worked properly on the Raymarine C.P.. Getting ready for the third weekend cruise, the screen only showed me "static" . Nothing else, just staic over the whole screen. By the day of the...
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    Question about buying Lewmar spare parts

    You're not Andy in SOS, are you? I am in Annapolis/eastport with what looks like the same blocks, but they are not new, either.
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    Tripping Breaker at Dock 84' Hunter 31

    In my marina we are required to use a shore power cord rated the same or more as the shore power breaker. We go around and unplug the offenders before a fire starts. THAT usually brngs the offenders into compliance.
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    New boat owner... need help... fresh water not working

    Open the deck filler cap. Maybe the tank vents are full of mud dauber bugs?
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    Which boson chair do you use?

    And the cooler is ... where?
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    Beneteau 323 Bimini?

    323 Doug on SBO lives up your way I believe. I made my own , arting with a Singer machine and somewhat lightweight thread . I soon moved up to a Sailrite machine that lets you use heavier thread. You want at least 96 thread, but the 13-? is the better choice. I "found" some good 1" SS tubing...
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    Gusting over 25kts, we were sailing by rocks I sunk the boat on 21 years ago. A message popped up on my phone, "Your Navionics acct has expired"

    That looks like a sister ship to the 2 "Woodwinds" tourist boats out of Annapolis.
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    Beneteau First 35s5 Dinette Table in Annapolis has a number of used ones. I don't know if they are pictured onine, but I could go by there and see what they have, if you can give me a better pic of what you want.
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    Beneteau 311 Kitchen Sink Drain

    I have a B323 like Doug. I found three air vents mounted on each side of the galley cabint allow heat from the fridge to escape. A bonus would be if you can remove or just leave the door open all night