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    Albin Vega Advice

    Here is a very nice site for statistical comparisons between sailing vessels: Plug in any two vessels and see the comparison. It is interesting that the ratios put the Albin Vega into the category of Racing boat... Happy sailing, Doug...
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    Depth Sounder Trouble

    Look for a crimp or squash in the transducer cable. Would make a big difference. Check its connection at the readout end for looseness or corrosion. Doug Taylor, #712
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    Spinnaker setup?

    I have used that trick that is on the Selden link with the rubber bands since about 1991 for hoisting without a sock, and let me tell you, it works like magic.
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    Ground Tackle Thoughts

    I have a diagram somewhere an old girlfriend gave me.
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    Ground Tackle Thoughts

    As I recall..those were a handy but very expensive option.
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    Outboard Motor Mount

    I hope to attend. I have reserved one of the slips.
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    What is an LMPHRF handicap certificate?

    Lake Michigan PHRF ( ) site will guide you through the process of getting your rating.........Let us know what it is!
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    sailing publication

    That would be 48(degrees symbol) North. <48° North - Pacific Northwest Sailing Magazine> Doug, #712
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    If you need installation instructions, try this ......
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    I used one (briefly) and it did O.K............But if you are going far, watch your fuel consumption.
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    Where is everyone?

    I thought we were all in Australia!Sent from my iDog
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    a couple of questions ...

    The chain plate arrangement is unusual, but I have never heard of a failure. I also have not experienced or heard of a hull deck joint leak.
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    Matt Rutherford

    What a trip!. . . What a relief.
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    Matt Rutherford

    He is in a Vega!!!.....If you go to his June 13 post there are pictures.
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    Where to fix a Raymarine st 2000 tiller pilot?

    That was my concern and why I just mounted it on the lid with 2 holes. I usually just keep my folding bike and a few non-essentials in that locker anyway.