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    Skimmar 12' restoration in progress

    Then I'm guessing that my model is older than yours. Offhand, that surprises me since I would have figured a double hull would be more expensive and that would be contrary to the trend toward lighter and cheaper. And thanks for the capacity info. I'm still a few beers short of that. :)
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    Skimmar 12' restoration in progress

    Rob, The Skimmar decal on the stern quarter includes "Areo Nautical, Inc. Greenwich, Conn." so it was produced by them. The PO created the 2 letter abbreviations in '63. There's no guarantee Areo didn't keep "Conn." after that year, but it suggests that the boat may be of about that vintage...
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    Skimmar 12' restoration in progress

    Wow! Great job! I've just found this site/thread and would like to share a couple of pictures of my 12' Skimmar Seagull. I was surprised to see that there are some significant differences from yours. Although mine is in fairly good shape, I'd like to ask you more about your seats and how I...
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    minifish daggerboard

    Re: Minidisc daggerboard I've got a Minifish (actually a Minifish II, but the hull and appendages are identical). Tell me exactly what dimensions you need.