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    Forum questions, comments, and complaints

    miss the 'all forums'
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    Faucet on Hunter 280, 310, 336, 340

    Nothing is out of bounds with you guys... ROFL
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    Condensation Water in Oil or More???

    Too much for condensation IMO. Since the engine is probably raw water cooled the water pump is a place to start.
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    off we go.....maybe???????

    Check the owners manual for your tow vehicle. Maximum tow weight should be listed. IE: My GMC pick up manual lists tow weights according to engine, transmission and rear axle ratio.
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    Starter Mystery

    tractor starter should be less than $412.
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    Yanmar 2GM Fuel Bleed Post Fuel Feed Pump Replacement

    Awhile back I changed both primary and secondary fuel filters on my Yanmar 2GM20F engine. Filled the filter housings with CLEAN diesel fuel before reinstalling. Started engine. No bleeding, no knocking, ran fine. Don't recall reading anything in Yanmar manual about bleeding lines when changing...
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    a live rat would be better bait... lol
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    Best spray on / spray off deck cleaner for sailboats

    yes, of course you can... just be sure there is enough room to enter and exit the carwash bay. had a good laugh watching powerboater get large suv and boat on trailer wedged in carwash bay. they had to disconnect from trailer and reposition trailer by hand. LOL
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    2GM engine mounts

    Sounds like you need to install new mounts first... Scroll to pp. 6&7 at this link:
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    HAHA! County I live in is too rural for smog testing and wife's diesel is exempt...
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    FWIW Have been 'properly disposing' old fuel by running thru my pickup for years. I never add more than five gallons of old fuel to a nearly full pickup tank. A while back I dumped some aircraft fuel contaminated w/water into my pickup ('09 2500 HD) and had to add a quart of alcohol to smooth...
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    gas addatives

    I do agree that Seafoam and the blue Stabil are the answer.
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    Electric Diagram for HUNTER 29.5

    scroll down about ¾ to the bottom for electrical diagrams
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    Water fill

    The 29.5 has the fresh water fill under the anchor locker lid port side. scroll to last page at bottom