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    On my previous Catalina 30, I had two large skin "bubbles" (8" x 4"). Wasn't sure if it was freeze damage. I opened the skin with a vibrating type cutter. Turned out it was not properly filled at the factory. From what I've read, the skin is one problem but the crevice corrosion between the...
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    How to install/snake an internal halyard?

    Certainly mast down gives you the best opportunity to get it right. I lost my genoa halyard last spring and didn't want to spend $800 +/- to lower the mast. We tried dropping a weighted line from the top but he string hung up internally. The mast rake didn't help the line fall straight. In...
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    Removing Shaft from flange on Universal M-25

    After tightening the puller to maximum, and heating to 350-400 deg F, give a sharp rap to the rear of the flange with a 3# hammer using an aluminum block so as to not dent the flange. Worked for me.
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    Fixing cracks

    Wow. I'm not familiar with that particular boat design but a few things stand out. 1) Doesn't appear that there is any glass fiber reinforcement in the resin. 2) The resin is not bonded to the wood below. Both of these are different from what I would expect. The resin appears brittle and the...
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    Fixing cracks

    Any way to view the underside of the cracked surface? BTW, I looked up a pic of the boat and see that this is where the mast base sits. I certainly looks like the area was completely overstressed- full wind jibe, or shroud letting go under sail, or just not handling the mast properly- its one...
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    Fixing cracks

    I can't tell what I'm looking at. Is this in the cockpit where the lowered mast sits? Is this where to base of the mast sits when the mast is up?
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    Fixing cracks

    What was bolted there? I would want to know what caused the cracks before beginning repair. Was this a case of too much force on the top skin and the load not distributed? Is it freeze damage from a wet core? Cosmetically fixing the cracks and ignoring the underlying damage will only fail again.
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    Help replacing Raw Water Pump on a Yanmar 4JH4-TE

    It looks to me from your pics that you would have sufficient room to remove the lower bolts. In all probability, the four bolts are the same so removing one of the top bolts will give you more information. If necessary, remove the motor mount top nut to get more room for tools. Keep the mount...
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    Flooded O'Day Mariner - Am I Crazy?

    Sailboat listings
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    1997 Bennetaue oceanis 400 stop switch wiring?

    If your boat is like mine, there are more that a few "hangiing" wires going to nowhere. I even found a relay that interrupts the ground to somewhere. Who wires a ground to a relay contact (not the coil)?
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    Transmission Repair Shop Recommendation - South Jersey, PA, DE, MD

    Parts alone are ~$500. add labor and you are approaching the price of a new Twin Disc. I replaced my Hurth (former boat) with a Twin Disc - bought it new for $1300 (it was a few years ago) . More piece of mind with a new transmission. If you google hbw50 Twin Disc equivalent there are lots...
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    Beneteau First 41S5 in mast conduits???

    I assume the old cables are still in place. If so, You can perhaps determine the conduit by using the cables/lights lit to get the information you are looking for. On my boat, there are 1" diam access plugs at each spreader location. To my thinking, you pull out the old cable while feeding in...
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    Beneteau First 41S5 in mast conduits???

    I have a '99 B411 and there are two conduit, one for the deck light and one for the mast head. YMMV. But I replaced my deck light cable and added two radar cables at the same time by using the existing cable to get a pull cable in place. Then used cable/wire puller goo (from Home Depot ~$7-9)...
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    Removing Shaft from flange on Universal M-25

    I had to remove my coupling and also had difficulty. Heated the coupling under tension from a puller. Heated the coupling to 300-350 degrees F. This is well below any temperature that is going to change material properties. Tensioned the puller (or use a socket as suggested), heated, and...
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    M25-XP Oberdorfer Raw Water Pump is dripping oil at the base

    This home-made tool helps remove the old seals. One of the on-line videos showed it, so I can't take credit for it.