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    Oceanis 37: leaking Volvo Stern Gland shaft seal when engine is running

    My seal began leaking last season about a gallon an hour. I ended up adding a second bilge pump as a temp fix. After close inspection, I noticed that 1) the shaft was not in the center of the shaft log and 2) the shaft log was leaking also. Fast forward to this year - changed the cutlass...
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    Single Handed Docking

    Docking variations
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    Beneteau 361 new owner

    Mast could also be US Spars. Typically has a adhesive tag on the mast base or on the boom.
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    Bene 361 Looking for parts in all the wrong places

    Scott T-bird has another good point. I use ebay,, general searches as well as the Beneteau website. I recently had to replace a waste deck fitting as it was frozen closed. The replacement stainless fitting was $46 ( ordering online at Beneteau used to give an automatic discount)...
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    Bene 361 Looking for parts in all the wrong places

    Sign up on not all the parts are listed so you may have to send pics
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    It's Curtains!

    Try for hardware
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    Troubleshooting LP on 343 Oceanis

    You can pull off the hose on at the back of the stove (tanks off) and have a second person open the valve to briefly verify flow. I expect a few comments on this method as totally unsafe but you are having the valve open only a second or two. On my B411 you have to hold in the burner knob...
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    Yanmar 3GM white smoke

    I would plan a compression check. Harbor Freight has a diesel compression test set. Be sure to research whether you need metal seals under the injectors so you can put the engine back together.
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    Guest Galvanic Isolators

    I have two (30 Amp) shore power connections that are bonded together at the AC panel. Can I use one fail safe 70 amp galvanic isolator?
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    Do we have a Battery or a Fridge issue?

    I agree that the batteries are the root cause of the problem.
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    Do we have a Battery or a Fridge issue?

    Some of the freezer compressor modules have low voltage protection and shut off automatically so they don't run a battery to zero. You can check the manual on your compressor module to see if this is the fact.
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    Guest Galvanic Isolators

    Guest 2530P
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    Guest Galvanic Isolators

    Adding two galvanic isolators to my AC system. The diagram shows the Guest Isolator in series with the AC ground and also connected to 12 Volt DC. Do I have to be concerned about battery loss if the Isolator is always connected to the DC? Does the DC connection always need to be energized to...
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    Electronic anomalies

    Raymarine has a good tech help forum and will also answer emails. However, the website is now undergoing a transition. They do list phone numbers for help.