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    Where to buy need 2" hinged jaw rail slide/clamp?

    How about this one:
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    Maine Sail update

    Wow, I didn't know. Years ago on a Maine cruise my wife and I met Rodd and shared an hour and a drink onboard our sailboat. Over the years Rodd has helped me via phone calls and email. Yes I have bought some of his products and I consider him to be a wonderful source of learning and advice...
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    Well, I made a $800 mistake by flipping the little switch on the engine on panel.

    And who was the dimwit (IMHO) that installed the fire extinguisher system with a (presumably) unmarked switch on the console? Hopefully there was an engine shutdown controller that stopped the engine before any serious ingestion.
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    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    We use TracFone prepaid phones and last I checked, we are not allowed to tether. Wifi from nearby businesses is marginal at best. So we bought a hot spot. The hot spot we bought is a Franklin R850 and it uses Sprint/T-Mobile as the carrier. Most places we travel it works OK, but there are...
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    Boom Furling Questions

    My Schaefer boom furler will reef at many points. The instructions say to roll up the sail until one of the full battens is just on the mandrel. Then re-tension the main halyard. Another 1/4 turn of the mandrel will tighten the sail very nicely. The most useful reef points are at my lower...
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    h40.5 OEM pleated shades

    I messed up. I never took pictures of my shades before I removed them many years ago. They had a lot of mildew on the fabric. Now I have them clean and looking like new, but the elastic that holds them in the folded position is stretched and needs replacing. Replacing the elastic is easy, but...
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    Fuel line crack.

    Very possible. The pump will be pulling a vacuum to get fuel through the primary filter. Bottom line- The entire fuel line system must be air-tight. I had a small leak on my brand new genset. I could not get it to start at all until I found and fixed the air leak.
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    I have had 3 surveys on 2 different sailboats. One was a pre-purchase, and the other two were C&V for insurance. Each one was excellent, catching faults that I did not see. Considering that you are laying down big bucks, I think that a survey is a wise expenditure. One each survey the...
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    HELP Current on ground wire when on Generator

    Dan, FWIW, my Ship-Shore switch breaks all 3 wires. But if the shore cable is the cause of the 340mA, it would seem that there must be another path between the shore and the boat for the current to flow. Water return? I think you need to verify that the shore cable is not the cause of the...
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    Boom Furling Questions

    @Tedd - Schaefer makes a smaller version but I dont know what length boom it will replace. All of the furling booms are heavy and a boom brake is highly recommended. Knowing the setup I would not think boom furling would work well for a boat that is trailered. At least not for the Schaefer or...
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    Boom Furling Questions

    I have the Schaefer Gamma (larger) boom. 6-7 years experience with it. My recollection is that there is a specified limit for pre-bend. I think it may be 3-5", but I am not sure. My rigger took care of that. If the additional stiffness is thought to be due to the track, I doubt any additional...
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    Dish Soap Rinsing

    I tee'd off my anchor washdown pump and added a salt water faucet at the galley. Saves a huge amount of fresh water. Rinse then wash with fresh & dishsoap.
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    Batteries relocated on a Hunter 37.5

    OH, I completely misunderstood the battery location. But now I am curious as to how you are going to physically install the batteries and connect them with cables? If they are FLA, how will you check/service them?
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    Batteries relocated on a Hunter 37.5

    So you are planning to sleep under several hundred pounds of batteries? And also reduce your overhead clearance to enter and exit?