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    replacing the keel winch wire.

    Great photo... I've thought about doing something similar to bottom paint in the water. You've given me some ideas.
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    Hunter 260 Bilge Question

    The "access" to the water ballast tank is the last step of the stairs going into the companionway. Flip up the wooden step and you will see what looks like the drain plug on an old john boat.
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    Trouble w/email alerts

    Seems to be working. Thanks Phil
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    Trouble w/email alerts

    Thanks Phil When I click on the link, I get this...
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    Trouble w/email alerts

    Starting yesterday, when I clicked on an email alert associated with a watched forum, I would get a redirect notice and then the post would open normally. Today I am getting "server not found" warnings. I had to get to this page by going through the home page... and I was also able to see the...
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    28.5 fresh water tank replacement

    The spigots seems standard through hulls and are not expensive. You can get them here at the SBO store or even amazon. I’d replace them and all of the hose. Next I’d scrub the tank As clean as I could and then lightly sand it. Clean again and put two coats of epoxy barrier coat rated for...
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    Hunter 28.5 frest water tank

    That’s awesome ! :thumbup:
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    Swing keel / centerboard depth effect on Lee or weather helm

    Absolutely correct. If you think of your keel as an axle that your boat can rotate about and the pressure on your sail is a dude trying to rotate your boat into or away from the wind ... then swinging the keel up or down affects where the axle is attached to your boat. If you align the axle...
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    Composting head

    Type “composting” in the search field and then click the “title only” button and you will have mucho reading to review
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    Questions (many) re: Setting up a private mooring

    I have a nice west marine dink that fits in my truck bed. And I can leave it on my trailer when the Hunter is in the water. @Spindrift NH Wouldn’t the idea of tying your dink to your anchor also apply to tying your dink to your mooring ball?
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    Link tiller to engine?

    @Kermit posted a How-to with part numbers a few years back. Do a search for tiller linkage
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    Questions (many) re: Setting up a private mooring

    This all very helpful. I have not made up my mind yet and if I can find a marina (that I can afford) ill prob go that route BUT one thing I am factoring into my decision is the fact that the hunter 26 is a water ballasted TRAILER sailboat. I have no intention of leaving her in the water if a...
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    Hunter 28.5 frest water tank

    Heat lamps or a heat gun might help You prob have 4200-like sealant glueing it shut
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    Replacement window gaskets for Venture 25

    I’ve done it on a Mac 22 I replaced with plumbers putty. Not considered the “right” way to do it but that’s what the original looked like when I chipped it out of the frame and it worked great When I replaced it with the same. I rolled it in my palms until it was snake like and laid it in...
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    Summer in the Salish Sea

    Im In the process of moving to Charleston SC and should be set up before August . I plan to do one more overnight on my lake in Alabama before I leave. Once in Charleston I’ll have an entirely new set of destinations to explore so I’m rather stoked about it. I’ve done coastal cruising as a...