It took me a while to figure it out but, I'm a trailer sailor at heart. I get board sailing the same water over and over again so I need a boat that I can take to new places. I'm not a racer but that might simply be because I've never had an active racing community to connect with. I do love cruising the VA and NC coasts and I have done a little cruising in FL as well. Someday I also hope to do the great loop and a quick hop over to the Bahamas.
State or Province where your boat is moored
Charleston, SC
Hunter 26 T-Brous 1995 SC US Charleston MacGregor 22
McIntire 14'
Macgregor V21 (Two of those)
Coronado 23'
Coronado 25'
Rhodes 22' (Under Restoration)
Hobie 16' (New to me in 2013)
Balboa 26' Started sailing in 1975. It is still all that I think about. Living for Today


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