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    Overprotection of prop (too much anode) on BENETEAU Oceanis 351

    Thanks for all your responses. In Australia I can only get the 33mm wide 25mm shaft donut anode. In the US there seems to be a micro (17mm side) donut shaft anode. Maybe there is a difference. It is half the size after all. I'll cut one down to make it micro, have a professional Prop speed...
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    Overprotection of prop (too much anode) on BENETEAU Oceanis 351

    I decided to dive and take the prop off to re apply Prop Speed protection. I brought the prop to a prop specialist and he told me I should get two years protection out of Prop Speed. Other people in my marina also tell me this. I get a maximum of 6 months protection before the barnacles take...
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    12v circuit destruction!!!!!!!!

    Power failures on my boat were always due to the negative cable on the circuit board connection being corroded. I don't know why, but the positive power cables don't seem to corrode so much as the negatives. Cut off the last bit of the cable (about 1cm) if the wire seems hard or looks dull grey...
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    extra winches on Oceanis 351

    photos Photos
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    extra winches on Oceanis 351

    Thanks for your replies. I have just finished the installation and the winches have been tried over a 2 week sail, up to 29 knot wind and all works fine!. It sure makes some better sailing with the extra winches. We have now used one of the winches for quick reefing, when wind picks up, without...
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    extra winches on Oceanis 351

    I'v just ordered 2 new Hutton (Australian made) 40ST winches to improve handling on the 351. Looking forward to installing them to add to the 2 "standard" winches. I have decided to place them up front, in place of the locking genoa rollers. I know a lot of you will be saying "place them aft"...
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    A New Project..Again

    wow.. impressive set up! I don't know where you get all this stuff from or what some of these are, but if it works..! I have a bene 351 (similar to 352 I think) and might do something like this in the future. Cheers and thanks!
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    fridge problem

    I had a similar problem on my bene 351. I checked the voltage with my multimeter (essential on a boat) at the fridge. It was 10.7 V. The fridge will operate between 10.7 and 14 or so Volts. below 10.7 it simply wont work. The problem in my case was some corrosion in the cable ending (the...
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    Steering cable Oceanis 351

    This happened 6 month ago, but I thought I'd share this with you. Coming back through the Seaway in 15 knot wind and 2.5 meter swell, fighting the massive current, my boat suddenly aimed for the rocks. My steering was not responding. The rudder kept me in a full starboard turn as the engine was...
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    State of the sales market

    bargain If you look for the "bargain" the chance is that you will never be satisfied. I bought my first boat (Oceanis 351) 18 months ago, private for a reasonable price. The time was right, and I enjoyed sailing all those months that I could have been looking for a cheaper boat. Once you buy...
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    extra winch in oceanis 351

    Thanks for the photos mate..It looks like a straight mount through the hull and the inner shell. I am trying to find some winches now..! Cheers
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    oil for yanmar 3gm30F

    thanks, I'll check that out too, some of these oils might be called different here in Oz though..
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    extra winch in oceanis 351

    cheers joker460, I can see what you mean! I still do prefer them up front, when sailing with other people they don't have to step on my toes while at the wheel. Singlehanded down the back is best of course. If you could show me some photos of the mounting inside, that would be great! Great...
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    extra winch in oceanis 351

    joker460 has a great traveller modification posted under boat info/owner modifications. On the photos 2 new winches were added where the gib locking cleats are. This would be my place of preference for the new winches. Anyone got any suggestions/photos how to install??
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    extra winch in oceanis 351

    excellent article, thanks for sharing! It is certainly not a quick fix, but solid and well executed. Cheers!