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    H 41 large saloon window resealing an some question

    Some type of special license should be required to purchase 5200.
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    H376 Exhaust Overboard Connection

    I don't remember the exact setup, a fiberglass elbow could be glassed onto the existing tube allowing a straight down connection. Also the shelf the hose is hard against might be notched allowing a softer bend and then glass over the notch to reseal the shelf.
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    Hunter 376 1996 Engine access through shower wall

    It is not necessary to cut an access holt for the water pump impeller. It has been mentioned that the Alternator has to be removed, it does not. I padded the top of the engine with a couple of large folded towels so I could lay over the engine, did not remove the altinator or anything except...
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    Does anyone recommend larger than a 100% jib for a Hunter 376.

    The boat is built with access plates in the ceiling of the aft cabin to access the cockpit winches, this would give the proper location. A test drill spot from underneath would confirm that there are aluminum plates laid up in the deck for the winches if not use a backer plate under the winches.
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    Hunter 376 rain boot

    The stand pipe that is standard on the 376 is about 3 inches above the floor of the mast step.. so adding an additional not more than about 4 1/2 inches total length would add nothing. The wire bundle on my boat almost fits the pipe. An insert would need to be very thin and then sealing it to...
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    Hunter 376 rain boot

    The 376 Manuel says "use copious amounts of silicone" where the wires enter the top of the stand pipe. I would seal the wires from the bottom as you stated. Removing the mast is lots of work and expense, when we decommissioned our 376 for the move fromnorth of Atlanta to Pensacola the wires...
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    Table Weight - Hunter 376

    You could try white vinager it will dissolve rust, also a 50/50 mix of atf and acetone might work it is great on seized bolts. Good luck, my weight was not stuck so bad that I couldn't pull it up a little and mclube sailcoat freed it up.
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    How To Remove Letters from Sail?

    My sail maker suggested corn starch sprinkled on the acetone softened adhesive, rub it in and it will take up the adhesive, worked for me.
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    Hunter 376 rain boot

    Did you refinish your table top, mine has damage from previous life. When we moved the boat I sealed the wire bundle in the stand pili under the mast, previously there was just the wires in the pipe. I want to refinish the table but I am a little nervous since the damage is minimal.
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    Hunter 376 microwave replacement completed

    You have answered a question I asked almost a year ago. Thanks for the attention to detail. Look forward to seeing your future projects.
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    Table Weight - Hunter 376

    Tristan, How did you resolve the weight stuck issue.
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    More batteries on a 376

    I have 2 Duracell deepcycle 110 amp. They seem to hold up well but I want more amps to add an inverter for tv and small loads
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    Replace impeller and engine zinc

    Next time I will fly out from the east coast and supply parts for that price. Sorry friend you have learned an expensive lesson. Now do your homework, watch a couple of YouTube videos and keep the parts onboard, this is a two beer diy job. You as many of us, not have an engine zink, confirm...
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    More batteries on a 376

    Terry, we have2 group 31s and rage refrigerator and a few lights give a load of 6+ amps, a short motor run I don't feel is enough charge to sublime the 110 amps usable for a night on the hook and the next day. We are coastal sailors and will rarely be out two nights. I prefer Sailing bar to...
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    More batteries on a 376

    Has anyone added extra batteries on a Hunter 376. I would like to increase my battery bank from the two to three or four. I haven't found a spot to install them that seems to work. Suggestions please.