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    Loosening Alternator Belt

    when I owned a Catalina 34 I was an avid reader / user of their Tech notes. If I recall correctly there was a very good write up by Stu Jackson on the alternator bracket and a design flaw that could lead to catastrophic failure of the bracket. The write up detailed how to determine if you had...
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    Cabin/Salon Light Replacements

    I know the SBO site may have a higher cost but those folks operate his wonderful site (at no charge) and provide so much help to us that I try to shop with them whenever possible. They’ve helped in finding parts that were not easy to find, have helped when I placed an order and they thought...
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    Bringing dogs aboard

    we got our 8 pound Havanese as a puppy and dual trained her to go on a potty pad (we buy them in bulk) and outdoors as usual. That way she doesn’t have to hold it if we are out on a long sail (Or honestly if it’s pouring rain she can potty on a pad in the garage and we don’t have to go out in...
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    H38 Reefing - When, how much, in what order?

    Yes the jib should be a 110%
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    H38 Reefing - When, how much, in what order?

    I have the same boat. We bought her new from the dealer. During our trial sail the dealer told us to 1. Reef the main first. Because the 38 has a large roach main and a much smaller fractional jib the main is the power sail. 2. When the wind hits 15 knots or above take the main in to about...
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    Furling Main Winter Storage

    Knew someone who left theirs up. Michigan too although I’m not sure that made a difference. After a few years the loop at the top of the main that is used to pull the sail up rotted and let go while out sailing. Sail dropped some. Wind was blowing fairly strongly. They couldn’t furl the main...
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    Helm Seating - What do you do? (H38)

    We have a couple of these on our 38. Use them when sitting in the cockpit reading or sometimes down below when I need a little more back support. I also use it when at the helm. Raises me up a few inches and provides back support. Like others have said I use the autopilot a lot but there...
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    iNavX Problems

    I run it on my iPad and haven’t experienced what you are seeing. Some years ago I used to have frequent issues with the TCP/IP link to my digital yachts wifi dumping the signal but they did a fix and that stopped happening.
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    The Proper Prop

    I wanted a feathering prop called the Hunter dealer we purchased the boat from and asked the service manager what props they recommended based on all the boats they’ve sold. He said MaxProp and that’s what I bought
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    Weeds in the prop?

    The last time we were in the sturgeon Bay Area I recall they had weed harvesters working every day to cut and haul the stuff away. With at hot as it’s been this year weed growth has been heavy. Along with that wonderful toxic blue green algae. Typically a hard reverse will unwind it for me...
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    Hunter 38 Refrigerator

    i don’t think that kind of delay on appliances is unusual in today’s upside down world. My daughter tried to buy a washer and dryer from Lowe’s and was told it was a minimum of 12 to 14 weeks for delivery. An acquaintance built A new home and has been waiting since January for a refrigerator...
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    Hunter 38 Refrigerator

    I’m not at the boat now and all the manuals and such are there. Here is the link to the SBO Hunter 38 section. There is information on installing the optional freezer but I don’t see anything on the replacement refrigerator. You can send a note to the SBO folks As they are very helpful...
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    Gel coat big ouch

    SBO sells gel coat in the store. Here is a link to the section
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    Looking for Hunter 38 on the upper Chesapeake bay for comparison

    Don I can’t help you with getting on the boat but I can tell you that I have same boat (other than mine is 2008) and same engine and it does not vibrate or shake excessively at those RPMs. It runs smoothly from idle right on up to full speed.
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    Hunter 386 Stern Flag

    I just wrapped some self amalgamating tape stretched tightly around the base of the flag pole to get a tighter fit. Stays in perfectly now. Yet still removable when I want to being the flag in