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    Mast step for O'Day 272LE

    The actual hinge looks identical to the one on the 25'. Let me know if you want me to grab some dimensions off of mine
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    Good Old Boat Magazine-- Download Free Issue

    Best sailing magazine ever!
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    H260 - Thinking about repowering to a saildrive

    I'd recommend taking a look at a new outboard. I know a couple that got a brand new fuel injected 9.9 before they did the great loop. That thing was very quiet, sipped gas and had way more power than they needed. They said they would go with a 5hp if they were to do it again. They had an O'Day 25
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    Attaching an outboard to a rudder/tiller

    The better option is to get used to turning with the rudder and leave the outboard straight. You'll adjust faster than you think. The only time I turn my outboard is in an emergency
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    Attaching an outboard to a rudder/tiller
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    Sailboat delivery done right!

    Sounds like a great adventure! Props for @Ward H 's meteorology skills and congrats on the new boat!
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    Will this go boom?

    My boat has an inboard that's in questionable condition. I do plan on connecting the outboard to the inboard tank this year but not before launch. The inboard tank has a small vent hose going to a fitting on the transom. The engine compartment is simply separated from the cabin by some plywood...
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    Will this go boom?

    "Other sailboats have done it!" I've seen this done on a few boats and was skeptical. Are there portable tanks with proper venting?
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    Will this go boom?

    I have a friend that's pushing me to store my vintage gas tank in the lazarette. Seems like this would vent fumes into the boat when it warms up. Is it safe to store it in a semi enclosed space? The one below is pretty close to what I'm using for the time being
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    Good for Standard Horizon

    They mustve forgotten to print the word "marine" on the part
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    Centerboard Leak

    @Noodat Lady might have some info on this. He has a 25 though
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    bilge pump hose q's

    I assume you are referring to a vented loop
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    Question about sail spreader(s?) for a 77 oday widgeon

    If SBO store cant help try D and R marine
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    I had a '98 4hp Mercury. I lost all respect for the company when they tried charging me $30 for an owners manual and $160 for a carb kit. I quickly turned to Tohatsu for manuals and parts. Sometimes that engine started on the first or second pull and other times it would take 10-15 minutes of...
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    There's a hole in my boat!

    The multiple passes made me think I was doing it wrong on past projects. Thanks Dave!