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    It sounds like you have the basic idea Not every "switch" or terminal on the relay has to be used. They may have used the same relay in multiple applications to make things easier in the factory, save money on a bulk purchase or for supply chain logistics.
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    The coil in the below diagram is on pins 2 and 7 Check this site out for info on relays in general. He usually does an excellent job of explaining things. Feel free to PM me and I can explain further over the phone if that's easier Relays
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    Apply 12v to each relay coil to test. You should hear each one click
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    Cracks, an observation..

    Did it stay inflated for the entire winter season?
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    Cracks, an observation..

    I'll back you up on this one. I've done the same and can say that it works well. Works even better if there's some weight inside the crate
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    Convert mini fridge into boat refrigerator -DIY?

    I'm not sure where you're located but another option might be one of those electric coolers. The peltier element could be removed and they usually run on 12v. Cost is slightly lower but it might not work in hot environments. Probably an easy project though.
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    Moorage Madness

    In Northern Illinois (Waukegan) slip fees range from 1400-2200 for a 25' At Montrose Harbor in Chicago a slip will run you 3000 for one of the very few 25' slips and 4000 for a 30' slip. I believe customers recieve a power bill at the end of the season. Moorings and floating star docks run...
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    Is there a diagram or part number listed on this relay? This would help us see how the relays are configured There seems to be a bunch on ebay but it's hard to tell which ones can be used in it's place without more info on the original relays GUARDIAN ELECTRIC A410-366186-102 RELAY CONT 12A...
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    If you post a picture we may be able to identify why the butyl isnt working. It's usually much easier to work with than 4200
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    Aft A/C Unit Issues

    If you feel comfortable working with electricity I would take the cover off and see if power is present. Sometimes there's an internal fuse inside devices like this. If you have power present I would bypass the thermostat to rule that out. Can you take a pic of the unit including model number?
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    Rabbit hole

    And a patient wife!
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    Screws at the waterline?

    There's some folks on this board that are very knowledgeable when it comes to MacGregors. Do you have any pictures?
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    Gluing cleats

    Use BedIT or 4200. Most of us will recommend BedIT because it is so much easier to work with and remove in the future. Remove the cleat, countersink the holes from the outside, clean up the hole (I dab BedIT on the hole to collect the dust), wrap the underside of the screw head and about 1/4" of...
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    luber spray

    Does Triflow "attract" dirt like most other oil based lubricants?