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    The State of Insurance

    For our '92 Hunter 33.5, with a 6 month season in Minnesota, we were paying between $535 and $585 annually over the last 4 years with Geico but recently switched to Progressive for $350 with better coverage. No claims.
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    The most explosive week in boating

    Our two boys and their girlfriends will be joining us for a couple of days. Day sail will likely consist of sailing, anchoring, grilling, eating, swimming, sailing, then anchoring for the fireworks show off the point. When it was just one son and his GF we were going to anchor overnight but...
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    Wednesday IS photoday!!!

    The joy of taking the helm for the first time! My brother-in-law had a blast.
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    Who made this waste tank for the 1989 Hunter 30?

    Peggie, if I understand you correctly, you're talking about pushing the diptube itself into the Uniseal? I think that would be harder to remove than what I did. To pull the diptube out in that example you'd have to overcome the friction fit for the entire length of the diptube. With the...
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    Who made this waste tank for the 1989 Hunter 30?

    You can get a tank from Ronco with no holes at all. That gives you the ability to cut your own holes where you want. If you look at my photo, in the lower right is a plug fitting. I made the mistake of having them put threaded fittings in the same location as the original fittings. The...
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    New Head Hoses

    I love that Saniflex hose. I didn't think cutting it was all that hard. I used a hack saw to cut through most of it, then dikes to cut to wire. One cut to length, I cut the wire once more to cut as much off as I could, as close to the hose as I could.
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    Who made this waste tank for the 1989 Hunter 30?

    I had very limited space on the top of my new holding tank but was able to get things to fit using one of these for the elbow: wrapped in teflon tape and screwed into one of these...
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    Interesting confrontation!

    More weaponry = stand on vessel
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    Keeping sails clean from Mayflies

    I've never noticed any problems with mayflies on our sails, and we get plenty. Does the issue happen when you're sailing or just at the dock? When we're at the dock our sails are furled or covered.
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    Water Tank

    I had our water tank replaced on our 33.5 last year. We had the original 50 gallon aluminum replaced with a 35 gallon poly tank. The 50 had to be cut up to get out. We went with a 35 gallon tank because that's what we could get into the vee berth without tearing apart the cabin. We day sail...
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    Something else to add to our pre-sail checklist - Battery charger output

    I could also add a voltage monitor, something I had been considering anyway. That would also be useful while underway.
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    Something else to add to our pre-sail checklist - Battery charger output

    I learned a valuable lesson Saturday. I toss this out in case it helps someone else. Thankfully, we didn't have to call for help, but it was a puckering moment. After my usual pre-sail checks, I went to start the Yanmar to get it warmed up before we took off. I turn the key, press the start...
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    Are all gas sources Ethanol free in Summer

    10% ethanol is the standard year round in Minnesota. 15% has been available for a couple of years years. It's usually cheaper than E10 but considering the lower energy content of ethanol it's false economy to buy it. I'd prefer E00
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    Busy launch weekend photos -post yours!

    I had intended on being there when Evelyn was launched so I could get a lunch hang and painting the bottom but a nasty cold and nasty weather forced me to call the marina and ask them to tow it to our slip. I did catch the tow on their webcam though, as they pulled it from the north marina to...
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    Easier to replace a Jabsco head than to fix it?

    I replaced the head pump unit on my Jabsco once. That lasted almost two years! Enough of that nonsense. I got rid of it and installed a Raritan PH Superflush last fall.