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    Sabre 28 Mk I Cutless bearing dimensions

    Can somebody confirm these dimensions? I've read somewhere it's 7/8" shaft, 1-3/8" OD, and 3-1/2 length from Johnson Duramax....
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    Sabre 28 cruising speed

    I do not I think I have never went faster than 5.5kts. EVER. And I have a 20hp kubota diesel with 400 hrs. .
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    My keel

    That's why we are on this forum. You can ask anything. we will try to help.
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    My keel

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not cut anything!!!! There are two white rubber caps on the keel trunk side inside the boat. You have to pull these out. This will give you access to two different bolts. The LOWER hole will give you access to the bolt that holds the...
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    Deep Blew sold - in a week.

    Yep. Hull number 13!!!But the lifelines push/pullpit, and mast from hull 189. Beautiful inside!
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    Deep Blew sold - in a week.

    Correct. We were gifted a Sabre 28, so there was no question of keeping both. I am teaching the NO the ways of the Mac, so I sail her still. Hopefully, He will join this forum ( I invited him to do so).
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    What MacGregor is this???

    What freedom 77 said. Show us your... errr... interior!!!
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    How big an asymmetrical spinnaker should I have made?

    BIG. Like REALLY big. Humongous. That's my son's opinion anyway...
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    boom preventer

    Fuinny - I have NEVER used a preventer. In fact, I wasn't sure what it was. I have a Sabre 28 that also does not have a preventer. Never needed one, and I will not install one now. A boom vang on the other hand, is the first thing I installed on my Mac 25, what with the boom lifting 18 inches on...
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    to sail or not

    in "Wind" , the cinematographer is literally making love with the camera to these boats...
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    to sail or not

    O on my 25 I used a sacrificial nylon bolt, which breaks off if rudder hits something. Got it from BWY, of course...
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    to sail or not

    So that would be a "half-topping lift?" or a very long pig tail . BTW - "captain Ron=best sailing movie ever. Except maybe "Wind"
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    Upwind troubles

    If you are within 40 degree range, you are there. 30 degrees is a dream come true to me...
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    Water under hull continues!!!!!

    I think I did mention a water tank before...
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    Upwind troubles

    No, seriously, your jib is in a stall and your main is luffing.