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    need advice for loading Mac 26x+Trailer on flatbed...

    Yep, I'm going to do it this way...Travel to galveston tx load it on a flatbed trailer and tow it home! Any suggestions for the following. What rental Comp. to use? How to get it on trailer (with boat still on trailer) Cumalongs/Ramps? How to strap it down? Thanks guys, J Wilhelm
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    Rusted Leaf Spring Trailer....Replace with Bolt on Torsion Axle?

    Hi ya'll I just bought a Mac 26x down in Texas...I have not seen the boat, but trust me the deal is that sweet. Everything from the leaf springs down (stock mac trailer) needs to be replaced. I was thinking of cutting the leaf springs with a torch....dropping the whole assembly and bolting on a...
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    Need Trailer Help

    Hi Everyone, I just purchased a Mac 26X 1995. I am heading 17 hours south to pick it up. THe owner states that its leaf springs and axle bearings and axles are shot. I will be going for the complete replacement of these items (from leaf springs down) and I have just an afternoon to do this. What...