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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    I made my own . I also made a second set that I would be willing to sell for $200. They are 1/4 acrylic with radius edges. .
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    Adding a circuit to dc side.

    I want to add a circuit to the DC side . There is an open spot on the panel to add a circuit breaker. I trying to find the airpax circuit breaker like the ones in the panel. Has anyone found a source for these ? Thx
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    1985 Hunter 34 New Cabin Top Winches

    I have Lewmar 40's on the cabin top , and Lewmar 44's as the primarys.
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    Hunter 34 winches

    Lewmar 44's fit
  5. Nautical Sun on the run

    Nautical Sun on the run

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    fluxgate location

    Where is the most common place to install a fluxgate compass for autopilot on a Hunter 34 ? Thx
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    Pedestal steering range of motion

    I don't know if I have a problem or if this is normal for wheel steering. I'm used to a tiller and push it to about 90 degrees when tacking. Thx
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    Pedestal steering range of motion

    Alright went to work on new to me 70 Catalina 30 trfk. I turned the wheel lock to lock. It only rotates 3/4 of a revolution each way. The rudder only turns 45 degrees each way. I went below and it appears that the limiting factor is the intake and exhaust tubes. Is this normal ? Thx
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    Stern perch seats.

    I want to make my own seats. Can anyone trace out the outline of there stern perch seats and mark the holes for mounting. I would being willing to pay for postage. Thx
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    Backstay Diameter

    Does anyone know what the lower backstay diameter is on the Cat 30 ? The boat is a 100 miles away and I want to know if my backstay adjuster will work from my Hunter. Thx
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    Asymmetrical tack block on Bowsprit ????

    This is a tall rig with wooden Bowsprit with forestay connected directly to the end.
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    Asymmetrical tack block on Bowsprit ????

    Hi, I just bought a Catalina 30 TRFK and would like to rig for a Asymmetrical. Can I mount a tack block on bowsprit? I am concerned about side loads. If anyone has done this could you send pics. I have searched for days with no luck. Thx Phil
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    Just Bought a Catalina 30 TRFK

    Hi, I Just bought a 79 Catalina 30 TRFK. Upgrading from a 87 Hunter 26.5. The boat is on the hard with 3 months to sailing season and would like to get this rigged before stepping mast and sailing up from Chicago. I would like to set up a Asymmetrical spinnaker. I believe I need to install a...