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    How to Post a Spreadsheet?

    We use the term brand all the time. For example, International Marine built the West Wight Potter 15 and 19. They also built the Sanibel and Voyager. Potter, Sanibel, and Voyager are different brands made by a single builder, much the same way Chevy, Oldsmobile, and Buick were all made by...
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    How to Post a Spreadsheet?

    Just a thought about linking to another source... there are tons of dead photo links in old posts because the user eventually moved their images, sold their boat, or just walked away from it all. Also, I should point out that this site has a couple thousand owner reviews and basic specs on...
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    How to Post a Spreadsheet?

    We don't permit spreadsheets because they can have macros embedded, which can be dangerous. Save it as a pdf file and you're good to go.
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    Alert of data breach notice for this site "" - change your password(s)

    What is it about cats, keyboards, and system settings?
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    Alert of data breach notice for this site "" - change your password(s)

    IMHO, these "dark web" monitoring services are a scam. Details here: If you really want to track breaches, and want data from an organization that doesn't profit from your fear, check out...
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    What does it mean to "follow" someone.

    @Justin_NSA ... appropriate username for that comment. :laugh:
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    IOS app issues

    That's correct, and @HandsOnTech is right too, it's buggy as all get-out. I'll see why that's listed publicly but for now, the only choices are an app for Android with an abbreviated feature set or using the site in Safari for iOS. It's a good responsive design and works well.
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    IOS app issues

    We never launched the iOS app so it shouldn't be in the app store. What keywords did you use to find it?
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    450 passage vs 456

    AFAIK, the differences are mostly cosmetic. I prefer a steel arch over fiberglass. More weight but less flex. I owned a 42 and a 450 and you should check out the 42, also.
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    Awesome article on reading engine data

    Just posted in Owner Mods, worth a look.
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    Page layout

    I haven't investigated this yet but the only worry is that it's a template used for listing lots of things in different contexts. I don't *think* that's the case but I'll know more soon.
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    Page layout

    I'll see what I can do with that.
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    Someone boarded us while we were gone

    That's just wrong. I don't care what your politics are or how strongly you feel about them, boarding someone's boat is never okay. Particularly to leave a note trashing the crew. Unbelievable.
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    Kudos to the SBO team

    Thanks @Roland5048 , we appreciate the feedback! :beer:
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    Hunter 33 forward hatch question

    Hey Cherubinis, we've got a customer trying to replace the forward hatch on a 33. We don't have much in the way of specs on that boat, the records were lost many years ago. Does anyone know the cutout dimensions of the forward hatch?