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    I need help

    It WAS a mistake and solidifies my opinion that boat builders are the WORST sanitation system plumbers (I refuse to believe there's any design to their systems) on the planet! It may be easier than you think to re-route it to make sense. --Peggie
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    I need help

    I think that needs a little clarifying... If it's an uphill run from the toilet to the tank and/or the toilet discharge line to the tank is longer than about 6', it can be very helpful to aim the toilet discharge fitting straight up to run the discharge line up and over a loop...doesn't have to...
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    2008 Hunter 36 install of Raritan Fresh Head

    Good're gonna love it. Be sure to explain to your guests how it works 'cuz as you've already discovered, it works a bit differently from other manual're not pumping flush water in, you're ALLOWING pressurized fresh water to come into the toilet....kinda like opening a...
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    I need help

    Everything on a boat is a component in a system...electrical systems--AC and DC, fresh water system, sanitation system.... --Peggie
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    I need help

    Replacement is the ONLY cure for permeated hoses...and it's one thing that you don't want to buy cheap if you only want to do this job once. But you don't have to pay top $$ either...Raritan SaniFlex hose RaritanSaniFlex hose available both 1" and 1.5" for <$10/ft. It's the top rated...
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    More on Maine Sail

    According to the GoFundMe website, they take 2.9% + $.30 of each donation to benefit individuals. I could not find another donation site that doesn't charge considerably more. --Peggie
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    I need help

    Odors are always strongest at their Where does your odor emanate from--the toilet bowl when flushed? Out the tank vent when the toilet is flushed? Both? The shower drain? All over the boat? If so, is it strongest in lockers the sanitation hoses pass through? The bilge when...
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    Maine Sail update

    Not true. According to their website there is no "platform" (setup) fee...they take 2.9% + $.30 of each donation for an indivdual. Pricing and Fees --Peggie
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    Changing Hoses's only what's IN the tank that matters. But because perception is at least 90% of reality for some people, it's best to be discreet when rinsing out the tank and macerator plumbing at sea, whether inside OR outside 3 miles. --Peggie
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    Changing Hoses

    Actually it's NOT illegal to flush WATER overboard. If it were, it would be illegal to flush gray water directly overboard. However, flushing the toilet to put water into the tank won't stir up sludge because the inlet fitting on the tank is at the top of the tank...water from the toilet...
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    Changing Hoses

    Whether to replace hoses depends on their age and/or whether they stink. The average working life of any hose is about 10 years because rubber and plastics dry out, becoming hard, brittle and prone to cracking and splitting. So if they're nowhere near 10 years old and aren't stinky, there's...
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    Changing Hoses

    As I've posted many times, flushing out a holding tank does not require filling it. Put water into it via the deck pumpout fitting--'cuz that sends the water into the tank at the bottom to stir up any sludge so it can be pumped out---to a depth of 6-8"....pump that out. Repeat, repeat...till...
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    Winterizing the Head Holding Tank

    Apparently you think I just make this stuff up, but I'm actually just the messenger, sharing what I've learned--and still continue to learn--from engineers at equipment manufacturers and other qualified sources. It was a toilet mfr who taught me the reason why joker valves in manual toilets...
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    Why is there a foot of water in the cabin?

    Actually they aren't. Dock water pressure is a lot higher than any boat plumbing can accept...which is why it's necessary to have a pressure reducer on a dock water inlet thru-hull. And there are only two kinds of pressure reducers...those that have failed, and those that will fail. Leaving...
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    Help me put my head plumbing back right

    New contents will definitely expand the bladder, but the pressure created by flushing new contents into the tank will force the gasses generated by decomposing sewage in an anaerobic environment out the vent. And because they're anaerobic gasses, they WILL stink! --Peggie