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    Is island hopping on Lake Michigan too much for O'Day Daysailer or Spindrift Daysailer

    Looks like there are plenty of nooks and crannies to slip into, none too far from another. A Daysailer would certainly seem capable of doing some nice 'expedition' or 'raid-type' cruising. A boom tent would make for comfortable sleeping on board if the island is too rocky for tent pegs. With...
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    Dufour 31, your thoughts

    Careful- though they're both 31 feet long, the Dufour 31 is not the same boat as the Dufour 3800 that the OP is considering.
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    Random (cold weather induced) question about sailboat rigs

    Looking at only the rig ignores how the hull design and the center of its lateral resistance impacts the balance of the boat working in tandem with the CE of the sail.
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    Dufour 31, your thoughts

    Sounds like a no-brainer if it will pass inspection. $24.9k is a LOT for an old boat, however. $ 10-15k might do it.
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    Cruising Wobbly and lessons in seamanship - crossing the Wash.

    If crossing the Wash was a 12-hour somewhat bouncy trip in relatively calm conditions, how do you expect to have 48 hours of flat calm for a dash across the Irish Channel? Dangerous if any weather crops up midstream. And where will you go once you get across? Cruising down the Irish coast...
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    Hope they have some zincs attached to that hull!
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    Cruising Wobbly and lessons in seamanship - crossing the Wash.

    Nice outing. Looks like the right weather would be important. Where do they go next???!!
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    What is it?

    Maybe something to do with a batten pocket? To hold it open? Look for others in/on the sail.
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    Looking at a 81 cherubini 30

    Try looking up 'Bilge boards'. Scows racing on the lakes in MN sometimes have them. It would seem that they might cut quite a bit into available space below on this boat.
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    1997 Hunter 336 Keel Question

    It's the fiberglass that's maintenance-free. The rest of it, maybe not.
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    Tsunami warning

    Try reading this: Slocum’s Luck. The part involved with Krakatoa starts around the 10th paragraph. And yes, it's that Joshua Slocum.
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    Columbia info?

    They appeal to some, but were not built to top standards, especially the smaller ones. 1960's boats will be quite tired. A Diesel engine in one may be worth more than the rest of the boat.
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    Dinghy deck stowage and getting on board. Hunter 336

    We were towing our dinghy on a trip between Edgartown and Cuttyhunk, having a fine time on a nice broad reach at about 8 knots for hours. We got to the passage between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound - Canapitsit Channel - and turned in. Surprise! Current against the wind. Shallower. Big...
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    Racing Rules

    The rules through 2024 show that the start is also based upon the hull. It is easy to find answers to rules questions by looking up the rule:[27801].pdf