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    Poorer performance on starboard tack vs port tack

    You report that your gps SOG on one tack is slower than the other. This appears to be regardless of the wind or current direction: starboard tack is slower. Since this has been developing over the past few seasons, weight distribution is not a likely cause - the weight distribution in the boat...
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    Purchased a Soverel 33 Project Boat

    We had a Several 33 at our club for a while. It was a project boat even when it was new because it was so lightly put together that things kept coming apart. The mast is quite bendy and needs to be carefully tuned to conditions to get the boat to perform. They can break if you’re not careful...
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    New tactical device

    What happens at the start when your eyes are busy looking at a screen instead of at the boats around you and what they’re doing? Our competitors don’t allow us the luxury of simply cruising across the starting line “on time” wherever we want to cross it. We could be “on time” with 10 seconds...
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    Sailing into a marina

    The Harbormaster may have the actual legal authority to require using an engine - if you have one. At the time, you didn’t. Does your marina make dinghies drop their sails and paddle in the whole way down the channel? One size does not fit all.
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    Socially distant racing?

    Not too worried about heat: it snowed here last Sunday. We use watermelons to run MOB drills. It’s about the right size for someone’s head floating in the water, so it shows the crew how easy it is to lose sight of the victim. It drifts appropriately (doesn’t blow away the way cushions do)...
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    Socially distant racing?

    Just got a "NOR" for a 33 mile double-handed pursuit race for Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Pursuit, so no RC boat or congregating needed. Convincing the crew may be the hard part now. If the breeze dies it makes for a very long day.
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    PHEW ....!! I'm in

    Captain Aubrey plays a cello. You have a viola? We went in Monday. Our mooring is an hour's motor from our haulout site so we checked the motor over the weekend so as not to have any surprises.
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    True Wind Discussion Redux

    So couldn't you stop more often if knowing the true wind is that important and it is constantly changing? You're not racing, so you can come to a complete stop, take your readings, and then continue, whenever you like. Since apparent wind is what we sail in, why does knowing the true wind -...
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    True Wind Discussion Redux

    Could you heave to and get the wind speed with the boat stopped? Since you’re not racing it shouldn’t be a big deal.
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    Bottom Paint Sanding

    I use duct tape to attach my shop vac to my DeWalt hand sander. The bayonet-mount of the dustbag on the sander is the same size as the hose, so two or three layers of tape over the butted pieces and it holds for an hour or two. Getting a new filter and throwing out the old one after...
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    Socially distant racing?

    Sounds like you’d need ski lift loading gates at the pier heads to ensure spacing on the docks. For a positive spin, having to line up with 6’ between each person heading to a boat would make a l o n g line, and make it look like sailing was a popular pastime. This...
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    To all our friends in Maine

    It has been too cold to think much about the summer yet. We had snow in southern CT last Sunday (MAY 10th!). People will get the boat bug when it warms up more. Sailing is great for getting away from crowds, and you can also control your environment in a good way.
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    Socially distant racing?

    @Jackdaw ’s idea for a timed race seems interesting. Especially if you can time your start for when the afternoon breeze kicks in and finish before it dies. ;) Wouldn’t a regular fleet start be possible if you left 6’ between boats?
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    Socially distant racing?

    Got a survey from our RC today asking about how we might approach racing this season. Doublehanded non-spinnaker? Doublehanded with spinnaker? If additional crew from outside one’s household are allowed - subject to social distancing - how many crew could fit? Wild. Only four boats...
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    Social distancing on a launch?

    We don’t know how many people have been exposed unless we can test them for antibodies. Of the 14 different tests currently marketed for this in the U.S., three have been shown to be right most of the time. The others... not so much. The paper today cites federal predictions that the death...