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    Finishing Etiquette

    Of course the other Starboard tack boat had nothing to do with Port's getting stuck in any wind shadow or bad air. (Did Port have to duck him, btw?) And Port's tacking twice in the space of what looks like three boatlengths and (as you say) ~4kts of wind had nothing to do with stopping his...
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    Swing crane info

    This boat looks like it was designed to be easily trailer-launched: the daggerboard keel retracts fully into the hull. The cabin and cockpit setup may make a three-point bridle lift impossible because of seats and bunks interfering with the placement of firmly secured lifting rings or eyes. On...
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    Elvstrom Protest Tool?

    This seems capable of much more: Magnetic Boat Protest Kit
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Anyone up for some waterskiing? This cruised by our vacation rental last Wednesday, coming in with the tide. In a hurry they can hit 40 knots.
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    Throttle and Transmission Replacement Cables

    You could try tying messenger lines to the ends of the cables and pulling them out. You'd then have the old cables out where you could measure them and a way to get the new ones back in.
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    Racing Rules

    Finish USED to be any part of the boat, rigged in its regular position, that crossed the line. Now it's hull. (Which I guess does not include bow pulpit.) Buoy room used to be with overlap at two boat lengths. Now it's three. Rules get rewritten/tweaked every 4 years.
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    Mast mounting a whisker pole - sticker shock

    Can't you let a whisker pole be held up by the leech of the jib, since it's essentially attached to the clew of the jib anyway? So, no need for a topping lift. Then, since you know how long the leech is and where it is going to be when you're running dead downwind, you only need a simple ring...
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    anyone ever hire a tow truck to lift a boat?

    Your boat weighs less than a ton. Car jacks would lift it easily, using gRanger's idea (nice photos) of putting a beam underneath each end. Doing one end at a time, maybe a foot at a time, and holding the beam up with cement blocks (putting them under the beam as you go) would be cheap and...
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    Racing Rules

    To clarify: his dinghy outboard was mounted on his stern pulpit. Dinghy was rolled up & stowed, apparently.
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    Racing Rules

    Leaving an anchor mounted on the bow roller while racing is not against the rules, but it might not be the best place to have the weight. Did you file a protest or do turns as a penalty for having made contact? Did the other boat? We had an incident at the start of one race with a competitor...
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    No Wind Training Day

    Perhaps the Ninja thought that the first victim deserved to die for calling Starboard when he was on Port tack? Judge might let him off easy for that - two turns? Great way to keep a class busy on a windless day.
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    Woodenboat's facilities are fantastic, along with the know-how that gathers there to make it all happen. It is a special place that helps maintain the capabilities of an entire industry. Not something that is needed in every high school, however. Manufacturing is quite different now from what...
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    New to cutter rigging, question.

    Found the video here: Hoisting a genoa or yankee would help immensely, especially if you had a whisker pole to hold it out going downwind. It did look like the staysail was doing something, but it is too small to do much. Once you have the bigger sail up, the smaller one will simply be in the...
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    New to cutter rigging, question.

    The Allmand 23 (HMS 23) looks like it is designed for taking on December gales single-handed in the North Sea. Kudos for trying to get it to move in light air. The cutter rig is often seen on on long-haul passage makers because it provides a...
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    Limits of a Flicka 20

    Chances that the weather will really pick up are 100%. You just don't want to be there then. The Flicka is not fast enough to outrun every weather system, so it is a good idea to be prepared.