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    What do you call this thing?

    I agree with TLW and think they're called a ram's head, or, at least now, half a ram's head.
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    One more time, reefing an attached main help please.

    Here's a line drawing for our single-line reefing, which may be clearer than my photos. As I mentioned, I've replaced the bowline with a plastic thimble. Our main can be loose-footed, or not - it makes no difference for the reefing. Paul
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    h336 Sail Trim at 37kts ???

    ...forgot to say I went out with a known engine that would not start that day W O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Spring cleaning the sheets-what's best

    I washed all the lines, except halyards, in one load in a big machine at the laundromat, using mild detergent, no bleach. The lines were nowhere nearly as tangled as I thought they might be. Dried by looping over a stepladder in the driveway. Came out great. Paul
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    Attaching reefing lines to boom

    Mick... On our boat with single-line reefing 1. the line exits the aft end of the boom 2. goes up through the reef cringle 3. back down and under the boom 4. then up to the line itself, tied off with a bowline in these pictures. Since then, I’ve ended it with a plastic thimble in...
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    Sheet Bags

    I use a mesh shopping bag for the main halyard but keep the main sheet gobbed on the cockpit sole and kick it aft to get it out from underfoot when close-hauled. I've never had it tangle when going from close-hauled to off-wind.
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    Day Sailer Self Bailer or Boom Tent?

    Hi… I had an Oday Day Sailer II, which might be the successor to your model. She had a factory-installed DePersia self-bailer. With the boat in the water, the bailer only worked if the boat was moving through the water; it would not allow water to drain out if the boat was docked or moored...
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    Hunter 260 purchase

    Shanker... We had a 2001 h260 and my Wife wishes we still had her. Can't make any comparisons to the Mac, but the comments others have made about cabin and cockpit space are accurate. As for sailing, she was tender, no question about it. A really great performer in light air. The comments...
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    In NY

    (St. ?)Nick... Good morning and welcome to NYS. Come up to CNY if you wanna see some winter weather. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Paul
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    excessive rounding up from rudder ventilation?

    David: Really? I always thought a large foresail moved the CE forward, creating lee helm. Paul
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    Head Etiquette and Protocall

    ...and you learned that truism how? :)
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    Revenge is sweet

    My take on TLS' point is that the sailors were partially at fault because they didn't stay home that night. ??? Paul
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    Help with terminology

    ...and the bearing itself is a cutlass (or cutless) bearing.
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    Tell-tale placement...

    Doug and Karen: You may find this link helpful Paul