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    H30 Yanmar 2qm15 fuel pump installation

    Haven't been on the site for a while. It is good to see it still going. My solution for a fuel pump replacement was to go electric and bypass the engine. Very easy to do and it works well. You might consider it.
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    rudder removal while boat is in water

    The rudder on the shoal draft design is as low, deep, as the keel. If the boat is grounded the rudder may hit first resulting in bending the rudder shaft. This happened to me. My fix was to reconfigure the rudder into more of a square form by cutting 7" off the bottom and adding 7" to the...
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    Heaving to

    Took a look at the 49 drawings, heaving to is best done with full keel sailboats. You might try slow reaching. Where the boat is set up to go into irons and then fall off, head up and fall off again. This works on a moderate wind day, in heavy wind this may not suit your needs.
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    Stern tube hose oday 26

    There isn't much pressure on this hose, only the sea water from outside. It is not likely to bust open. It could leak though and likely should be changed out if it is old. The problem is disconnecting the prop shaft from the engine/transmission. If it has been attached for a long time it...
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    Battery Charging

    Not familiar with the boat, but "stopped short" when I read battery in fuel locker. Assuming the set up is safe, you can add a trickle charger in the locker as weedstomper has done. To connect a second battery use an Automatic Charging Relay, ACR, also called a combiner. They work great, hook...
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    Water Stains on Wood

    Would suggest trying Orange Oil. It works very well and is better than lemon oil. Also, what I have done is re-stain the wood with a similar stain as the original. It is sometimes easier to cover up than clean up.
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    Head filling with seawater

    Had the same problem years ago. The simple fix is to put a anti-siphon valve between the pump and the head. Here is a picture of the set up.
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    Leaving shore power connected

    Last year leaving the boat in the slip for three months while on vacation, an inexpensive trickle charger was purchased under $20. Also have a shore cord that was split years ago to enable connection to a generator. This cord has a receptacle & plug installed to bridge the split. Anyway this...
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    Moving the split backstay mounts - H30

    The chain plates that Kito has will be more reliable than a u-bolt. I replaced the same u-bolt on my 33, but wish there were chain plates similar to Kito's.
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    How old is too old

    Was in the Catalina office in Largo some years ago. They had found hull #1 and were talking about it. Nothing wrong with the fiberglass. Needed a refurb is all. It's not the age it is the maintenance that matters.
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    New to trailering

    you will not have a problem at all. Your vehicle will pull the boat all day long. I pulled a 19' Flying Scott out of the mountains of PA down to Florida with a 4 cyl front wheel drive Taurus years ago. Not fast but no problems :-)
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    tampa area

    If you are working in Tampa, you would likely live in Tampa rather than St. Petersburg. Many smaller marinas around Tampa. Also look at Apollo Beach. The Harborage in St. Petersburg does allow live aboards. I have a friend with a live aboard slip in Clearwater for sale or rent. There are a...
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    Owners Manual

    The drawings - manual is in the downloads section of Hunter 25 boat info.
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    draft of a HC 33 ?

    The shoal draft is 4 feet. It is good for thin water. However, beware, the rudder on the shoal draft model 33 is the same as used on the deep draft model. And it will touch first when the stern of the boat is loaded or under-power. After a bad grounding and pull off that bend the rudder...
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    Owners Manual

    Just uploaded the drawings/manual for the early 1973-1983 Hunter 25 in the boat info section for Hunter 25. This is what served for a manual in the earlier years.