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    Underwater metal and paint

    Thanks for the tip on Rustoleum. In the past I used a Petite product-way more than 8 bucks and in my opinion not very effective.
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    Underwater metal and paint

    did they paint the through hulls too? Brian D, thanks for the reply. The through hulls are all bonded together which leads to the ships common ground (connected to seawater), so I take it that no paint is the answer. I’ll have to remove paint the PO applied. Redoing the bonding connections is...
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    Underwater metal and paint

    I have always hear that one shouldn’t use regular bottom paint on props due to potential corrosion issues and I’ve always used other coatings on my props. However looking at the through hulls the other ay I realize that I usually just slather them with bottom paint and looking at other boats in...
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    Thru-hull replacement and hull thickness

    Try using a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel to cut out your home made backing plate. I just did this with backing plates I made out of epoxy ( didn’t have any laminating resin available). I rough cut the backing plate with the dremel and then sanded smooth with a belt sander.
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    Replacing a vinyl name

    I was working away with a heat guy and scraper on the vinyl lettering on my boat making very slow progress when the yard manager came by shaking his head an telling me there was a much much easier way to do it- 3M eraser wheel. You just chuck it into your drill and gently pass it over the...
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    Westerbeke 10-2 folks -- coolant q's, anybody know?

    MaineSail has a post somewhere about flushing the cooling system using RidLime and an external pump to recirculate the solution through the engine. Basically, you disconnect the heat exchanger and use the engine coolant feeds to draw the liquid out of a 5 gallon bucket and dump back into the...
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    Thanks AndreNJ11, that’s the kind of info I‘ve been looking for. I figured that working the tidal currents would be important but couldn’t find much information on the web (not that I looked real hard) about marinas. Penns Landing was the only one I found but a first hand account Is much more...
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    Prow prang predicament: practical patching protocol, please.

    :plus: For the boat works today (BWT) videos. I’d be inclined to grind it back to good glass, lay in a couple of layers using either epoxy or polyester, sand smooth and then apply Gel coat If the boat hasn’t been painted. Otherwise paint. Andy at BWT can walk you through it. BTW Love your...
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    Thinking about possible destinations for next summer and am intrigued by the idea of visiting Philly by boat. I’d be going from the Patapsco River (outside Baltimore) through the C&D and then up the Delaware River. I’ve been down to Cape May and back but never further up the Delaware then the...
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    Temperature monitor

    I’m planning on installing a remote temperature monitor to monitor engine exhaust, refrigerator compartment, and battery compartment temps. Looking at the Blue Seas 1841 monitor and wondering if anyone has installed this or other units.
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    Boat delivery from New England to Virginia

    I’ve done this trip solo a couple of times, heading north in late June / early July and south in late September / early October. You can do the trip with short daylight hops between anchorage’s in LIS with a single overnight down the NJ coast into Delaware bay, but weather patterns in Spring are...
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    Albin Vega Rudder

    I had a similar problem, but much more drastic, on my Vega rudder. I elected to rebuild the entire rudder using the old stock but with two more tangs welded on. As I recall there were only two on the original rudder. No more problems in 10+ years of use. The new rudder was shaped from marine...
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    Drascombe yawls.

    I always liked the OB motto “ to strive, to serve, and not to yield” I think it’s from Tennyson.
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    Drascombe yawls.

    Glad to hear they are back on hurricane island- yet another reason to get back to Maine, as if I needed another reason. There is quite a bit of difference in the educational philosophies and outcomes between OB and NOLS, which is reflected in the types of boats they use. OB focuses on “inner...
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    Drascombe yawls.

    I spent some time on the pulling boats as well, but in the Chesapeake- at least the water was a little warmer for the morning dip. Have you seen the “new” pulling boats? Quite a bit different then the old ones. Glass with carbon spars (Might even be carbon hulls). I was up in Maine in 2010 and...