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    Zinc eroding / bond inquiry

    There are some of us who have more of a grasp than we'll ever be credited and have the credentials to back it up. My observation here: interesting that here has been zero mention of ABYC required ELCI/GFCI technology and it's contribution to the human safety issue independent of the bond.
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    Westerbeke10-2 alternator adjustment

    Moyer Marine offers a great spring loaded belt tensioner that would fit your application.
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    Please help with DC wiring

    Let's see if this post gets removed like my last one. I never said they were dangerous but somehow I'm credited with it. What I said was they're not for me and I don't understand what's so difficult in turning a battery switch. That's all. I've weathered rudeness and personal attacks for it...
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    What should I charge?

    Be certain you carefully examine the boat for any blemishes or defects beforehand and call them to his attention in writing so you don't inherit liability (get blamed) for them.
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    Please help with DC wiring

    Bill, I respect your first hand account and accept it at face value. I will add that in my first hand experience I've never had a battery switch ever give me a single problem.
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    Reconfiguring forepeak / eliminating V berth

    For a different idea have a look at the Bristol Channel Cutter. It has a workbench and the head up there.
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    Please help with DC wiring

    As long as that applies to ALL of us meaning me too, we're good. BTW, the battery switch question was all mine and as such it still lingers. I did not mean to imply it belonged to anyone else.
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    Please help with DC wiring

    Did I? The only thing I left off the entire quoted paragraph discussing shore power and disabling the ACR was "A good candidate for such a relay is the Omron LY1F-AC110/120 that costs less than $7 from Digi-Key." How is such an omission pertinent to the discussion? It was nothing more than a...
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    Photos of Upgrades or Updates

    Polystyrene foam? Are you using boat-lam (laminating resin) or epoxy as the binding agent in your fiberglassing? You might want to do a test spot on scrap pieces before committing to the plug. I learned 40 years ago that laminating resin melts polystyrene foam. Maybe formulations have...
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    Please help with DC wiring

    As I implied I'm manually switched all the way. It's a regular part of my boat management, same as fuel, sail area, water, food and drink management. As for crew or guests fiddling with battery switches or anything else, in a friendly way I make it clear from the start doing so is not...
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    Please help with DC wiring

    Automated this and ACR that I've never understood what is so difficult about turning a battery switch.
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    What the heck is it called?

    I'm working on a new instrument panel as we speak (Atomic 4 engine too) using the same Moyer panel recess. Hard to see in the previously posted picture but the the bottom ledge of the recess is sloped downward so water doesn't puddle in there like mine currently does. Here's is a cut and paste...
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    Bounty Captain Reckless?

    Except that he drew others into the risk with him, some because they didn't know any better (Miss Christian for example) and others because it is their charge (SAR crew). I've watched this thread, read every post and cannot avoid comparing this captain's judgment to that of young teens - or...
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    Mexican Bureaucracy.....

    Further, in the recent developments in some cases it didn't matter if all the required paperwork was in order. Boats were impounded for months anyway. Here are a couple of threads on the topic with links to latitude 38 articles and comments from members who are actually there...
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    Low engine RPM

    If there's little or no improvement after following the previous suggestions you might want to revisit the prop. It's interesting that no mention has yet been made that it isn't the number of blades but rather the diameter and pitch that determines the load applied to the engine. That load...