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    Thru hull external strainer

    South Bay Strainer (Cheese wedge style, external, small holes) - 30 years never a worry, never a clog. Don't paint the pinholes closed is all.....
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    What is it? Toilet supply line...

    I learned something about stinky stagnant water on my set up. After I close the seacock I set the pump in/pump out lever about halfway. That seems to let the gas escape. I say seems, as I am not 100% sure of this but it does seem to help.
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    Veterans Day, 2020

    As a veteran from the 60's, I say thanks to those soldiers who served in a combat zone when I did not and I feel a bit guilty that I was so lucky to have been sent elsewhere (Germany) which changed my life and helped create a career. I say thank you to those that survived and especially to those...
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    Was O'Day 28 Standing Headroom, Now Various Questions About 28 and 30

    M12 also. Wish it had a couple more horses as it is adequate but in adverse conditions less so.
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    Purchasing a 2005 Hunter 27, recommendations for replacing toilet?

    Raritan PH Superflush. Good price, great reliability. Best of three I have had in my boat over the 25 years I have owned it.
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    Which Type of Intake Strainer is Recommended?

    Here is a South Bay Strainer in case you were wondering. Mine is a tad thicker at high end, but basically same principle.
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    Which Type of Intake Strainer is Recommended?

    A "South Bay Strainer" has worked for me since 1995. Has large surface area and the "cheese wedge" shape lets everything slip by it. Just keep those small holes open if you apply paint to it.
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    Was O'Day 28 Standing Headroom, Now Various Questions About 28 and 30

    I am a tad over 6 feet and I do not hit so it is at least 6'1", probably a bit more.
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    Oil change... Make it a double

    I know a lot of Germans and this lady's story is not typical. "Kleine Inspektion und grosse Inspektion" (minor and major service) take place as per automakers' prescribed schedules. Having said that, there are probbaly few examples of blown engines due to dirty oil as the filters are very good...
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    Stuff coming out of potable water tank

    Yep. Use a good micro fiber cloth. One guy said he uses a shop vac. Have not tried, but might be an idea as wet or dry.
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    Replacement Toilet for a 2002 Wilcox Crittenden Headmate 1460 Marine Toilet.

    Good point. Unless shipper has a free freight over X$ policy of course or he goes somewhere and just picks up.
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    Another discovery during winterization

    I get a white pasta like slime in my screw in prefilter. Yes, the tank and yes, I also do not drink that water, Poland Springs only on board. Change filter one time a year in spring. Have a spare to screw in so I don't lose time scrubbing. By the way a toothbrush is perfect to get that screen...
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    It’s not safe anywhere.

    Jeez, he was coming back? A wonder he did not cream someone doing 30 or fall over off the helm.
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    pressure switch fail?

    This is probably not the issue, but assume you have pulled off and cleaned the pump strainer or filter located between the water tank and pump?
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    Water pressure/volume problem

    The screen before the pump is a key line of defense. Once I season mine goos up and I see water flow drop. I keep a clean spare sitting right on the tank which has a nice indentation to fit it. Unscrew dirty one, screw in clean one. Done in 10 seconds. I never have problems down stream from...