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    Removing fuel pickup tube from tank in an O'Day 28

    Did you miss twisting off the bottom of the electric fuel pump, pulling the plastic fine sieve and magnet and and cleaning those out?
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    Overheating issues, it can't be this hard!

    An easy thing to check is to pull the hose off the raw water pump to HE and check that it has no old impeller pieces partially blocking it anywhere and then at the heat exchanger where the hose attaches pull the end cap off and see if there are pieces there. A few of these can easily add 20+...
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    Dish Soap Rinsing

    Dilute Dawn by 50%+ or even more. Shoot it into a sponge with Scotchbrite backing. Wipe all food off dishes first with paper towel. Scrub everything and place in (clean) or pot as you go. Now rinse everything at once. Works for us.........
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    Simple head question

    Everyone has a favorite. Odorlos (Crystals) has been great for us
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    New engine noise from wet exhaust

    Agree with dirt rd. Water flow is not what it should be so throaty sound. Elevated or overheat likely.
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    A crazy story and a forewarning to those with cockpit drains and outboard rudders

    Glad you are ok at least. The other stuff can be managed. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I always thought the only way to tow a sailboat was a wrap around the base of the mast. Nothing else on most boats has that kind of strength. A pro tow boat guy should know that, though they probably don't...
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    Sailing or not

    For my wife and me, it would be about competence and above all, safety. If we can't negotiate the deck when its blowing, shoot a mooring in some wind/weather, we are going to pack it in. Love the sport, but not to die for....
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    Rebedding bow pulpit Oday 25

    Thicker washers good idea, but diameter increase first and foremost, even if you have to buzz off the edges a bit so they don't overlap.
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    Mary E

    Glad all ok. Yes, more to this story as that was not a huge wind. Of course the "self righting" feature was not available back when she was built.
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    Yanmar 3GM white smoke

    Simple condensation maybe. Cool, not hot....
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    Yanmar 3GM white smoke

    175-180 is typical for diesel inboards and is not, by itself, a steam generating temperature. Yes, a restriction seems probable. If you take a rag and carefully capture some water from the exhaust (to avoid getting a burn, not with bare hands) is that exhaust water really hot? What kind of...
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    Landing a sturgeon

    It's official. You are now the Sturgeon General!
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    Lively harbors: Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard MA

    We have a friend that got caught in a nasty storm there maybe 3+ decades ago. He had trouble securing his boat and a man ran up and helped him. After that, both of them were soaked and it was getting dark, so the man invited my friend over to his house to shower, dry out and get some food...
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    Engine Stalling 3GM30F

    Sorry....That is completely different that the Fasco electric with a ratchet off bottom containing fine sieve.
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    Engine Stalling 3GM30F

    Yep. I clean that screen each spring. An easy place to get an issue....