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    Oday 23 centerboard

    I just bought one for a O'Day 25 from Rudy and it all went smoothly. It works great. My center board was split in two.
  2. Sailing in Colorado on a O'Day 25

    Sailing in Colorado on a O'Day 25

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    Favorite Oday Picture

    Sailing in Colorado on an O'Day 25
  4. sailing with a BALBOA 26 6/2015

    sailing with a BALBOA 26 6/2015

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    Oday factory mast raising system.

    The factory system is installed on my boat and it is so easy to raise the mast I prefer doing it alone. The gin pole is the boom and you use the mainsheet block and tackle to raise it. The only thing to change is have a long enough mainsheet to raise and lower the mast. I just replaced my...
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    Oday centerboard removal

    Whoa! Those need some work. Mine probably need more work too but I am finishing this project soon. Check out this photo of the wedges area after I epoxied them this month. I just got off the phone with Rudy at D&R Marine and he said to adhere the wedges on the flat face with 3M 4200. Do not...
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    IMG 6344

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    IMG 6345

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    IMG 6418 2

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    Oday centerboard removal

    So your saying your Marina takes the boat out every year and the wedges are in their slot with no adhesive! They are just held in by the bolts and metal retaining plate. no adhesive necessary?
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    bulkhead replacement on an ODAY 25.

    a picture might help visualize what's going on. The wooden plywood bulk head is fiberglass taped with epoxy to the fiberglass boat. Everything else is removable with bolts and screws. the chainplate comes through the deck and is bolted to the wood. You might just try to reinforce the rotted...
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    Oday centerboard removal

    thanks correct terminology is helpful
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    Oday centerboard removal

    So What does everyone advise to glue in the wedges? Is 4200 best? I have two tubes of 5200 ready to glue in the wedges! Should I order some 4200? Ward, What have you been using?
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    Oday centerboard removal

    The wedges are held in place by 3M 5200 adhesive, correct? The plastic pin remains free at the top of the wedges is my understanding. And the Bracket is then screwed in at the bottom of the wedges and pin.
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    Oday centerboard removal

    I got it out and a new one is ready to glue in