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    Tachometer suddenly stops.......

    So this is the second time that this has happened. Traveling via motor and after say 4-5 hours tach all of a sudden stops working. Engine runs fine... all electronics working perfectly. The all of a sudden I look and its back working again. This is new to this season......Short trips this never...
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    Maine Sail update

    Go Rodd.
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    Wet core repair without major surgery.

    I cut the skin from the top on my last boat. From the foredeck back to the cockpit. Cabin top was fine. Mine was balsa and it looked like a sponge. Redid core with nidacore (sp), and my fiberglass guy did a reverse mold of the original non skid pattern and attached it. Looked beautiful. Pretty...
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    Mysterious Yanmar Vibration - Only in forward gear

    The “spacer” is a shaft saver. When installed it is machined by a prop shop to fit perfect. Sheers if you hit anything that would damage your engine. It is not flexible. Have you looked at the engine while running and vibrating? Checked the engine mounts? Have a friend drive while you stay below...
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    I have a Catalina 34. Wanting to upgrade my alternator. The Catalina site shows a prestolite 105 they say will work. Any input, ideas?

    Speak with Maine Sail. I followed his recommendations and my upgraded alt that I purchased from him works as advertised. Yanmar 4JH4E…… good luck Greg
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    Aluminum vs SS bimini frames

    Call a local canvas shop and get a quote……. good luck Greg
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    I use solar shower bags religiously on my boat. Problem most times the water is too hot so add a kettle of cold.but they are great. Though would be nice to have it plumbed into the system. greg
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    But you would have to make room for the additional panels and for an 11 gallon tank which I have they say it would take three panels which is a lot of space
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    As this gentleman explained it every single day while at anchor he has a nice hot shower.
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    Guess not too popular
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    Heliatos solar water heater
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    Heliatos solar water heater

    met a gentleman who had one of these this summer…… he was raving about it. does sound good. Anybody use this / experience. thanks Greg
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    Green as a granny smith apple /starting a 2001 Bene 361

    One on far right may be the inverter
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    have you Drop back the alt output? Using the belt load manager in the regulator I brought my output to 135 amps. Keeps the alt from maxing out and thus keeps it running cooler. Also when I am charging and it’s hot I will open an engine compartment panel slightly and I watch the temp of the alt...
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    Yanmar 3jh3e alternator upgrade

    I was having a similar situation with my Yanmar 4jh4e with an 80 amp dumb alt. Just could not charge the batteries enough before it got hot and cut output. I listened to Maine Sail and bought through him a Balmar 150 amp alt with a mc-614 regulator and serpentine belt. System charges batteries...