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    Looking for a Seaward 24

    It is our farm truck, so not bought to tow the Seaward. But honestly I would not wish to tow anything so top heavy and ungainly as a 25' sailboat with anything less. The truck weighs more than boat and trailer, and has the power and the brakes, suspension and transmission to tow, as you say for...
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    Only by a factor of 10 or 20 times though. Very useful.
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    16 Daysailer--selling---price thoughts?

    Hmmm. This couldn't be a devious way of advertising your boat for sale, could it? No, surely not.
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    I would clarify "hand tight": I have known farmers whose "hand tight" is up in the 50 lb-ft range. To me hand tight on small boat turnbuckles means with your thumb and two fingers, no tighter. Also 3-5 full turns sounds high, I'd think that many half turns. I'd also say "never pliers". My term...
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    Seaward 19RK?

    The 26RK is a great, quality built boat, just as are the 25, 24 and 23. For both the 25 and 26RK my only reservation would be if you are thinking of "pocket cruiser" as something you'd casually plop into the water for a day or two sailing, then back on the trailer and away. These are heavy...
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    Where is the electrical panel in your O’Day 20?

    You are welcome. One of the best things about the hatch is that it makes about 8 cubic feet of storage space available. In a 20' sailboat that is quite a bonus. I had a tote in that corner to stop things rolling around.
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    soft area starboard fore deck

    You have to cut out the rot. Period. No miracle cures for this.
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    Where is the electrical panel in your O’Day 20?

    Better pictures: The white socket that looks to be AC is in fact 12v. I have never removed it, but presumably a previous owner jury rigged something, very likely a 12v fan, to run off it.
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    Where is the electrical panel in your O’Day 20?

    I think the panel on ours is original, and it is on the portside bulkhead. The battery is in the portside lazarette, aft of the quarterberth. A complete setup for a second battery is under the V-berth, but I cannot see why a person might need a second battery on a 20. At least on ours there is...
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    This is probably heading towards an impasse, but..... With a keel-stepped mast you have a single pole with a uniform flexion. With a deck-stepped mast you have a jointed limb with a discontinuity at the tabernacle. Some boat manufacturers succeed in triangulating the supporting framework better...
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    That is certainly the theory.
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    Because, unless you are a serious racer with a keel-stepped mast to take the high tensions involved, for the rest of us with mundane, fun, recreational boats, usually with deck-stepped masts, tensions are low and not critical. Approximate works; "feel" works. Basically following sail sfbay's...
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    Stepping Mast Singlehanded

    Do NOT buy a tension measuring device.
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    New O’Day 20 owner with no sailing experience and a project boat I didn’t need

    I would buy used sails. There are many perfectly good sailboats being parted out. They are worth vey little, because there is an oversupply. My 46 year old sails are in great shape. Spend the money you save on other things, and if you decide down the road you have formed a lifelong relationship...
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    Mariner 19 on its trailer -- how high, how wide?

    Will's post just emphasises that you will have to get measurements from your particular boat. My trailer is wider than my boat, which is 7' the same as yours. As you can see, it is well over 8' wide. My mast rests 6" clear of the cabin roof, and slopes upward to the rear where it sits on a...