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    Maine Sail update

    Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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    Wet core repair without major surgery.

    Hayden, thank you for sharing your brillant system. I think it can give new life to a lot of old boats and less work and worry for a lot of owners. Many of us may have difficulty visualizing the system without more pics. Please consider repeating the repair on an old junk yard boat with pics and...
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    Heat exchanger zinc anode.

    Most small engines have a zinc in the raw water side of the heat exchanger attached to the engine. Look there if there is one. I have no experience with gas atomics but diesels have antifreeze in the block and raw water in the heat exchanger hence the zinc is placed there.
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    O'Day 28 wheel and binacle.

    Major strutural changes and time with no big improvement. Better feel with tiller. Better to spend that time sailing or trade for 28 with factory wheel imho.
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    Oday 28 1981. Replacing heavy hose and packing box assembly

    Can you get to it from the cockpit locker or quarter berth with a panel removed? If not maybe let fuel tank run down then slide it aside?
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    Oday 28 1981 shaft log

    As I remember the 28 you might get better access thru the stern section of the quarter berth or by removing the propane locker liner.
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    Willing to bet he was SAMS "certified".
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    Another Anchorage Gone

    Welcome to the brave new world. The state in never wrong and the children citizens like the experts having parental control. Not PC to question the "enviromentalists".
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    I have had surveys only three boats but agree with OP s points. SAMS is of no value. Yea they pay their dues but so what the fine print relieves them of all resposiblity? A marine survey that excludes the engine mechanicals is akin to a home survey that exludes the heating system. A marine...
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    Submitting Coast Guard Documentation Applications

    How does one send payment for faxed application? Just mailed mine in today.
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    New bottom paint, old barrier coats?

    Good advice but how fo you blast off the layers of paint and not affect the barrier coats? If the old barrier coats are ok would it be better to use a primer or one more barrier coat under the new bottom paint?
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    Smoke In Cabin - Fire Averted!!! Breaker Failure?

    Your girlfriends pretty little nose saved your boat. Thanks for posting.
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    West Marine Sold (again)

    I find it strange smaller businesses like Defender and Hamilton can afford to print catalogs but giant WM cant.
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    While the belt is off, has anyone checked their crankshaft pulley for axial play? My m 25xpb defintely has some you can feel pulling on it. Our marina mechanic says it is within tolerance but I think it has to affect pulley alignment.
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    Need surveyor eastern shore Maryland

    Thank you. Sams lists all in the area but yelp reviews had no reviews. Sams much better site. Thanks again.