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    Hunter 35.5 opening in rear berth to change waste tank

    I did mine 5 years ago..
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    Legend 35.5 (1990) Traveler

    Thats the one! Thank you. Need to replace the sheaves in mine.. after 30 some odd years they are in rough shape. :)
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    Legend 35.5 (1990) Traveler

    Does anyone have drawings for the traveler on the 35.5? I know that some folks here have some great documentation. Thanks in advance. Steve
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    Replacing side windows on a Legend 37.5

    Dow 795 for bedding.. Search the forums, there should be a lot of info and photographs of the process. Good luck, its a big job but its really nice when you complete it. I have done it on my 90 35.5. I have pics of the process here as well.
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    12v EMP

    My boat dock neighbor is a 24 PowerCat power boat. My first lighting strike took out all my electronics, fridge, cleaned everything off the top of my mast and left my nav panel LEDs on the floor. It also took most all of his electronics. He lost his both his engine ECUs and some of his Garmin...
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    12v EMP

    Grounding.. I wonder why they don't have a grounding point on the dock that boaters could connect to not unlike a plane while fueling.. Connect the ground wire from the boat to a "known" ground on the dock. May be I have new business idea. :-)
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    12v EMP

    I was looking at the EMP Shield for Vehicles.. but its $340.00. I just ordered a couple of uxcell LRSO1 DC 12V Lightning Arrester Power Surge Protector from Amazon. I plan to put them on the power side of my Raymarine Backbone. They are 14.00 a piece. Might not work but at least there is some...
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    12v EMP

    Has anyone ever installed a 12v EMP to protect from lightning strikes? I have seen these on the market. I am asking as I just lost another $1000.00 to lightning. Every storm now I get anxious waiting for the axe to fall. I hate spending so much time getting all my electronics working only having...
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    Hi (new here), I just rescued a Mac 26 S that needs a lot of love.

    Welcome! It looks like she will clean up nicely. Good luck with your project. Mend the sails and have some fun!
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    Solar charging monitoring-we need advice

    Victron ( makes a nice controller that can be connected to with a mobile device. I use my iPad to monitor charge state, voltage and amperage in and out.
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    35.5 Hunter Legend Bilge hose replacement

    You can get behind the shower, just cut all the sealant away on both sides of the upper panel and remove the screws in the mid panel. It's not a fun job but I replaced the bilge thru-hull and had to get behind the shower panel. Replacing the hose will be a tough job with all the wires that come...
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    Fuel pick up tube

    I removed the pickup tube and removed the screen that was clogged. I also installed a vacuum gauge inline after my primary filter. Now I can see what the vacuum pressure is on the engine side so I have a very good idea when the filter needs to be changed or there is any blockage from the tank.
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    Boat insurance is absolutely nuts!

    Foremost, 35ft Hunter 890.00 a year. Had a lightning strike the first year. They paid right away for the damages. Only went up a few hundred a year. They were responsive and professional throughout the process of the claim. Its owned by Farmers Insurance...
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    Rebedding Side Windows 40.5

    @eianm Yes all the sealant had to be scraped out and off. Its wasn't horrible but it took some time. I sanded some of the area as well. The better you prep the better your results will be. I re-filled the entire area with sealant just as it was before. Hope that helps.
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    rebedding windows

    795 is UV rated and has a 50% flex rating, properly applied it should not leak. I replaced my side windows and have had no issues for 3 years.