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    Front hatch latch

    Hi Steve, On my boat the stays were imperial. Kind regards, Flor Oyen SV Mohana, V566 _____ Van: [] Namens Steve Birch Verzonden: woensdag 1 februari 2006 19:14 Aan: Onderwerp: RE: [AlbinVega]...
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    Fuel Usage for Albin Vega equiped with diesel

    During our last holiday we used our engine for about 25 hours at an average of one liter (diesel or gasoil as you call it) per hour. Our average speed at that time was between 4 and 6 knots. Hope this helps. Flor Oyen Vega 566, _____ Van:
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    Third Reef or Trysail?

    Dear all, Our mainsail has three reefs as well , very comfortable and easy to adapt to the circumstances. Steve, what is a ting foresail (couldn?t find his in my dictionary). Flor oyen, V566 _____ Van: [] Namens Steve...
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    Hong Sails alternative

    Hi Olav, Last winter I ordered a new sail from Crusader Sails in England. Excellent service, good quality and the price was much lower than the prices in my country (+ extra discount for Vega owners). Their website : Kind regards, Flor Oyen Sv Mohana, V- 566...
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    Keel hollow

    Hi Peter, We seem to have a similar problem. So far I've had advice from three "experts" and acted according to their advice but the problem is still there. The sailing season over here is over by now and my boat has been brought to land. Now I've contacted a someone who has a lat of...
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    Vega Part needed... barrel bolt

    Hi all, Does an extra rudder at the stern help? I started making one but it turned out to be quite heavy and I'm reshaping it this winter. Hope it will work. Kind regards, Flor Oyen Mohana V 566 , Nieuwpoort , Belgium _____ Van:
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    MD6 removal

    Dear Steve, I'm glad you share these precious thoughts with us all. It doesn't always have to be technical. It's also good to know that Diana feels better again. Although I haven't met her personally, I know she is a very friendly and helpfull lady. We (my wife and I) are leaving for a two...
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    Inflatable dinghies

    Hi Chris, I'm looking for a tender as well because this summer we will make a trip along the northern coast of France and/ or the south of England (depending on wind and weather). Next week I'm going to visit a friend in the south of France. He keeps his boat (a home made 22 ft) in Port...
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    Noise of Cable in the Mast

    Dear Dieter, When unstepping the mast you can put a 3cm tube inside it. I did it the following way: a) check which side is best front or back (according to the running rigging inside your mast); b) turn the mast so the the side where you would like to glue the tube is down; c) cut the tube to...