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    New Catalina '85 Tall Rig new owner

    this isn't cheap but the original mainsheet and traveler that came with the boat were junk. i replaced both with garhauer and it made all the difference in the world.
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    Looking to buy a 1995 C30...

    stay away from catalina direct. they have nothing to do with catalina yachts and know nothing about catalina boats. instead, go to garhauer . they know everything about your boat and are friendly and honest.
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    need Cockpit coaming tread

    have you considered the possibility of calling catalina?
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    Emergency tiller

    the emergency tiller, such as it is, consists of a hollow, metal tube with a hole near one end, and a solid rod that is put through said hole.
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    Shut Down Procedure

    sorry, i thought you knew about the cockpit pullnand gave you an alternate
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    Shut Down Procedure

    i do own mx25. just open engine and lft the rod that controls the throttle. if you're not sure have someone jiggle the tr throttle lever from the cockpit as you watch the top of engine.
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    New Catalina 30 Owner

    but it sure ain't zero
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    New Catalina 30 Owner

    my mx25p was a slow starter until i read the owner's manual (duh, pilot me) and discovered that usually thrity seconds of glo plug is reccomended. now it starts like a charm.
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    Electrical Issues - Shocking!

    battery charger? next to the blanket smoother?
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    maybe your lazy jacks and your wind, but not mine.
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    you guys are not mentioning one of the main advantages of the dutchman - unlike lazy jacks, the boat does not need to pointed into or near the wind. much easier to use when lowering the main.
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    is something wrong?

    is it me or is something wrong? my messages have not moved or changed in a long time.
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    inhauler vs inboard genoa tracks

    i know nothing about these other boats but i'd never sacrifice forward access on my catalina 30mk ii to lay an extra track on the deck, neither can i imagine a prospective buyer's reaction.
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    Twisting issue

    call garauer and ask for mark or guido, they always respond. superior people
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    In gear or not under sail?

    with your engine you probably have a hurth transmission. before they went out of business i had a talk with them and they advised that since reverse is the only positive gear - which keeps the prop fom spinning with the engine off and polishing the clutches under sail - to always sail in...